Monday, January 27, 2014

Restaurant Review: Koreana

DT and I hit up Koreana on Bernath (formerly Fifi's) on Saturday, a restaurant that has been on our list for some time.  It always gets great reviews in the paper and there are not many Korean restaurants in the area.

Fantastic.  Just delicious. 

I wanted to take more pics but let's be honest, that's not really cool, is it?

If you had ever been to Fifi's, you know it was nicely decorated inside.  Koreana has taken the nice decor and enhanced it by adding some really interesting saxophone lamps, branches suspended from the ceiling and a sushi bar with impressive wooden sculptures.  Our waitress (who was funny, attentive, and knowledgeable) noted that the owner himself was responsible for the decor.  Pretty sweet, right?

Water (boring!) so I also ordered this Japanese soda that came in a glass bottle.  In order to open it, you tear off the top hard plastic piece, push it down and a glass marble plops down into the neck but stays at the top because of the design of the bottle.  Drink with a straw.  Tasted like Sprite.   I was so fascinated by this soda that I wrote down the name, Ramune

We ordered a sushi with all cooked ingredients (that's the sacrifice you have to make while pregnant).  However, it was hardly a sacrifice.  Egg, beef and other veggies and spices with an amazing ginger soy dipping sauce.  Yes.

I really, really, really had a hard time deciding on what to order.  Everything on the dinner menu looked so appetizing and being an adventurous eater, that makes it hard to choose.  Plus, I was gawking looking around at other tables seeing what they were eating and I never want to make a bad decision. 

Here is what we chose:
Beef  (I cannot remember what this was called) - also spicy with some veggie and white rice

DakBokeum - Very Spicy Chicken/both white and dark with veggies.  Served with white rice
Sides - Fish Cakes (blech), Kimchee (not my favorite), and Cold Sesame Broccoli (yum)

More Sides!  Cold Potato Salad (fantastic), Zucchini Cakes (best side of all sides), and Squid (a little chewy)

The beef was so incredibly tender and flavorful.  Not so spicy that you could not eat it.  Some of us asked for more hot sauce :)  The chicken did not disappoint.  I am OVER chicken but this was simply scrumptious and again, spicy, but not so spicy that I had heartburn or could not taste anything else.  The sides were a nice surprise.   Why is the rice SO much better at restaurants?  Magic, I tell ya.  Another thing that I really get into are the dishes themselves.  The rice came in this cute, round silver tin of sorts, keeping it piping hot.  The food dishes were a pristine white in interesting shapes.  The beef came out sizzling (think fajitas) but the black iron was the shape of a pig.  Love it!

To end the meal, our server brought out these little cheesecake squares (Oreo, plain and raspberry).  She explained they were complimentary since we were first time customers.  Awwww!  Like everything else, they were just perfect.

We will be going back (hopefully sooner rather than later) and I would recommend you go too!  Great job Koreana!


Anonymous said...

Yum! You just made me really hungry. I loooovvee sushi and when I was preggo I decided it was the perfect excuse to load up on tempura :)

Wrestling Kitties said...

YUM. That is all I can say. Sounds delicious!

Iris Took said...

MERP - next time you are in Toledo we should have a girls night there!!!!

WK - we need to straight up just meet for dinner sometime in the next few months. FO REAL!

Wrestling Kitties said...