Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cliffs Notes...

Well, what can I say?  I think this might be one of the longest times I have gone without blogging....and I am not really sure why.  I am busy?  I'm tired when I get home?  I have BIG topics and am not sure where to start? Some things I don't want to share?

I know!

Cliffs Notes!

Had my 20 week ultrasound at 22 weeks (a week ago!) since the Snowpocalypse pushed us back a bit.  All is well and baby T is measuring normal and moving around!  Did not find out the gender.  Looking forward to the surprise.

I did not cry or get very emotional at the ultrasound.  I just had a lot of questions.  I was so hot that day that I was actually looking forward to that goo being cold.  Guess what? They warm it up now.  So, they squirt hot, gooey stuff on you.  No cold relief.  No one tells you that stuff.

I started taking a pottery class at the Toledo Botanical Gardens and we get to throw on wheels!  So fun!  This class was also delayed a week due to the weather.  Class is great and I knew a few people (high school, FOAFs, etc...).   I am concerned about my belly being too big to throw on the wheel in 10 weeks.  C'est la vie!

I have been into roasting stuff in the oven like chick peas (suggestion from my sister) and Brussels sprouts.  They are best this way!  Plus I took the plunge and bought Chia Seeds and have been eating those on top of veggies.  Not bad!  You actually cannot taste them much and I have heard their  health benefits are incredible.  Still juicing!  Kale is not my favorite so I have been using romaine and a bit of spinach.  Way better.

Went to Beirut last night.  OMG.  Best food on the planet.  FO SHO.

Carpal Tunnel
 This might be why I am not blogging as much.  I have developed pre-natal carpal tunnel (which I guess goes away post-delivery).  It's annoying and it hurts.  Makes opening cans and a lot of yoga poses difficult.  Rings don't fit most days.  Tingling and numbness most of the day. 

Exercise and Netflix
Yes - these are the same category.  We finally got netflix!!  That means I am way more motivated on the treadmill.  Yoga is still a daily routine and my YouTube goddess is Katie Appleton - Apple Yoga.  Look her up.

Whew!  No go and cram for another exam.

Thanks for reading!


Wrestling Kitties said...

I just feel blah with blogging....but I LOVE reading your updates whenever you write them!!

YAY for your ultrasound!! Glad everything is well!! And you are over halfway there, aaaahhh!

A pottery class sounds like so much fun!!

I love oven roasted chick peas.

I have had carpal tunnel a few times, once during pregnancy. UGH. Sucks. Hope it gets better soon!

I love Netflix. We don't have cable and instead have netflix and hulu. I am going to google that name. I need to workout and I NEED yoga, I always feel so tight.

Iris Took said...

Hi WK - you had carpal tunnel? We need to talk.

Tell me some good shows!! I need Netflix recommendations.

Wrestling Kitties said...

Yes, I had it the end of my pregnancy. I have a ganglion cyst and it seemed towards the end of my pregnancy it was enlarged or something and that seemed to trigger it...or at least that is what my doctor said. I basically wore wrist bands, even at night for a couple months. I don't think it ever got really bad,But but hit me the end of my pregnancy so end of july and august and at this point I was sore all over and swollen because of the heat and had plantar fascitas, so I can't remember a lot about when it started or left exactly :-) I do know when I got a pregnancy massage I wanted her to rub my arm because it hurt.

You will have to email me. What is going on with you? What did your doctor say? What are you doing to help?