Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's Cookin - Pepper Steak

Another meal I loved as a kid was Pepper Steak.  I never get this at a Chinese Restaurant because it is not the same as how we made it at home - plus I am too excited about spring rolls, crab Rangoon, egg drop soup, and Snow White Chicken Spicy (or whatever version they have of the Jing Chuan specialty).  If you do not know what the Jing is, get thee to Secor Road and get ready to live.  And then die of happiness. 

I made our family's version of Pepper Steak last night from mostly memory and added a few new updates. 

Beef, sliced thinly sliced
(I used 1# sirloin, but I am sure you can use what you like - flank, round, whatever...)
Red Onion, diced (or white, or sweet, or sliced onion, but I had already diced it!)
Red Pepper, strips (or green, but I generally loathe green pepper and this is my dish!)
Mushrooms, slices (or omit if you cannot handle the fungus)
Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce
Starch of your Choice

  • Heat large wok (yes, I have a wok and it woks) or skillet and then add olive oil, then beef to sear.
  • Salt, pepper, garlic/onion powder and chili flake the beef to your liking.  Be nice to your beef.
  • Then throw in the veggies.  You don't have to be as nice to the veggies.
    Stir fry until they are bright in color but not wimpy.
  • Add your slurry (gross word, but it's necessary) slowly to your mix.  
Slurry = cornstarch, water, soy sauce.  Add sesame oil if you dare.  
*Iris Took's tip* - make this slurry ahead of time so you don't have to screw with it while cooking.
Plus you will feel like a celebrity chef, just reaching for something already made and then simply tossing it carefree into your hopelessly clean sink.  Pssshhht!
If you like a lot of sauce, I would make at least 2 cups of slurry.  We are saucy people.

  • Turn down heat and simmer.  This dish will come together fast because cornstarch is made of fairy-dust and performs miracles on stir-fries. 
Finally eat and enjoy!  I serve over brown rice (make ahead!).  White rice would taste better, but we are trying to be healthy here people!  Also, not to be a total snob, but minute rice is no where near a good as the conventional kind that takes one whole episode of Glee (minus commercials) to cook.  It's worth it.

Have fun.  Pepper Steak!


Anonymous said...

This sounds delish and also makes me laugh! Wok woks and slurry (eww) and wimpy veggies. You and DT need to write a cookbook!!!! ~merp

Iris Took said...

Yes MERP! Make the Pepper Steak! Maybe we will write a cookbook. We can call it "The Chef and his wife that cooks, also." HAH! How's that for a snappy title?

Wrestling Kitties said...

YUM!! Sounds awesome!!

I agree about the cookbook :-)