Thursday, December 5, 2013

People are Crazy: Pregnancy Edition

*Written around Halloween 2013*

These are going to be so frequent and I wish I would have started this a while ago, but I do LOVE to hear what people have to say.  Most people are so kind and offer some great advice and insight.  Plus I do like hearing stories about how they chose their baby's name, what time of year they had their child, when they prepped the nursery, great products you cannot live without, what you CAN live without, etc...


Sometimes you cannot avoid someone telling you something that you don't want to hear.

Right when I was 10 weeks and not revealing to everyone yet, I was at a bar and won a costume contest.  See costume here.  I went up to claim my prize and was awarded by a shot of liquor.  Shit.  So I tried to avoid it.  I bet I could have done it.  However, the point was moot as my awesome mom came barreling towards to the bar and TOOK IT TO THE FACE!  IT WAS WELL VODKA!  SHE'S NOT A BIG DRINKER!  I guess that's the standard of motherhood I have to live up to - big shoes to fill.

Warm, well, vodka.  To the face.  Mom!

Anyway - someone noticed all the shenanigans and basically called me out.  Not cool (PS she's a mother!).  Later I pulled her aside to ask her not to say anything to anyone because we were not letting people know yet.  Her response?

"Well, you think this is hard?  Hiding it and not drinking?  I was so scared every day that my baby was dead inside me because I never felt her kick.  I had a few other friends pregnant at the same time and they all felt their babies kick.  Every day I thought she was dead.  So I stared going to the doctor three times a week.  And drinking Pepsi.  That helped.  I pray that you won't have to do that.  Just drink Pepsi."

Dead Babies in utero?  It must be Halloween.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!! UGH! i pray that THIS incident doesn't happen to you again (unfortunately we both know it will, in some way shape or form)! Trophy Life/Malissa