Monday, December 9, 2013

My version of GTL

Here was my amazing day on Friday

Off work.  Is there anything better? 

My agenda:
Gym (Uh, home gym!  Treadmill, walking and yoga)  Perk of pregnancy - you are not supposed to get your heart rate up too high.  Uh, ok.  Twist my arm.  Walking at a moderate pace while watching Carrie Underwood's Sound of Music it is!  Easy does it..... The Hills are aliveeeeeeee.......

Haircut (Kelly at Kevin Charles - love you!).  I adore getting my hair cut because of the hair washing segment.  Why is that the best?  Then we crack up and catch up and I get to experiment with fun and expensive hair products. 

Massage (Aunt Mary at Lambertville Massage - love you!).  Thank you to my sister for the gift certificate from my birthday.  After the massage, I opted for the sinus eucalyptus wrap.  Ahhh!  Imagine a hot towel wrapped around your face to clear your sinuses and release the pressure of any headaches.  Incredible.  Just incredible.

Lunch Jimmy Johns #6 - for you amateurs, that's the Veggie Sub.   Add the spicy peppers, no mayo, sub dijon mustard.  Oh boy.  This is heaven.  I am in love with this sub.  DT says I crave it.  I say I am just obsessed with it.  Either way, the good people at JJ know me. 

Nap  Not just a power nap either.  After all my "hard work," I took a 3 hour nap.

TV watching Next, I wasted time had some quality time flipping channels between Wolverine, Charlie Brown Christmas, and House Hunters International before my next adventure. 

Dinner Date with a great friend for vegetarian sushi.  I do miss Eel and Spicy Salmon, but am having fun finding alternate options for sushi rolls like the plum roll and avocado roll.  I am still in love with the seaweed salad - what was once scary to me is now a must eat when out for Japanese cuisine.    Another bonus - these rolls are WAAAAY cheaper than the ones containing fish.  Also I am not weird about taking them home for leftovers (if there are any).

Bed by 11pm.  Another 3 pages of Orange is the New Black read.  I just cannot read when I am tired.  Book usually hits face at 3 pages.  ZZZZZZZ.

Best day ever?  Maybe.


Amy said...

Hi Een! Jimmy John's #6 was my go to food when I was pregnant with Viola. So good to see you yesterday and I love your blog.
xo, Amy

Iris Took said...

JJ #6 is the BEST AMY! Love you - great to see you :)

Lauren Tracy said...

Um, this IS the best day ever!

Wrestling Kitties said...

Good for you. Sounds like a pretty awesome day!!