Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Iris Took Cooks - Pasta Primavera

I have not been feeling that great the last few days -nothing major - but that means I have not been eating that healthy.  Bagel thin for breakfast.  Peanut butter - nah!  Cream cheese, yes!  Lunch - chocolate chips and ginger ale.  Dinner.  A childhood favorite and something they tell you specifically not to eat while pregnant but I just could not help it.  Ramen Noodles.  It's not like it's unpasteurized bleu cheese or a shot of whiskey people!  They were so good.  Honestly.  I love them!  So bad for you!  MMMMM!

Anyway, feeling better today and eating better too.  I saw something on Jillian Michael's website for Pasta Primavera so I made it from what I remember reading on her site.

Whole wheat noodles (I used penne)
 - Boil al dente ahead of time and set aside.  I usually add a pinch of salt and some oil to my water.

Saute your veggies (you can use what you have/what you like) in olive oil (add salt & pepper).  Just a few minutes, you don't want them mushy!
 - Red Onion
 - Yellow Pepper
- Portabella Mushrooms
- Grape Tomatoes *

In the meantime, chop up some fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes.
Shred some fresh Parmesan cheese.  DON'T cheat and use that crap in the green tube.  That's no excuse for Parmesan cheese.  It's more like salty sawdust.   Get the amazing hard stuff in a wedge and get out that micro plane.  It's worth it.  

After all your elements are cooked/prepped, toss in a large bowl.  Save parm for topping.


Healthy, vegetarian pasta dish that is good for a side or main meal.  I loved it and my sister-in-law that does not love to eat the healthy foods loved it too :)

*Cook's note - I will dice my bell peppers, not slice next time.  Also, tomatoes are redundant since you are using the sun-dried later.    I bet zucchini would be excellent.  I would keep your veggies nice and small, diced.  I would pick a max of 4 veggies so as not to over power.

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