Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In preparation for Smaug

On Friday, I had a fun day of errands with a great friend.  Got some Christmas shopping done and then I headed home to wrap Christmas gifts.  I decided to get sushi takeout from Kyota-Ka.  I agree that sushi is best while dining in (but not for a table of one!), so I plated it up all nice on a huge white platter and really enjoyed it at home.  Seaweed salad, spicy California roll and avocado roll.  They do a great job of including the soy, ginger and wasabi.  Love Kyota-Ka!

Anyway, wrapping gifts is always a favorite of mine, especially ahead of time, at night, with the Christmas tree on, and as an added bonus, it was snowing.  Perfect Christmas activity right?  As if it could have have gotten better, The Fellowship was on.  I caught it in it's entirely...for the 55th time.  I always cry at the end when Sam says AND I'M COMIN WITH YOU!  Ahhh!  Anyway.....

In preparation of the screening of The Desolation of Smaug, I wanted to watch all things Hobbit again. 

After a perfect night of Ring Wraiths and wrapping paper, I cleaned up my parcels and paper scraps.   Under the pile of ribbons and receipts on the couch, look what I unearthed.  It was about midnight and I was alone in the house.  In my head, I heard Elrond's voice....cast it into the fire!!!

It came to me.  

It's mine.  

My own.  

My precioussssssss.  

Well, it's my husband's.  But he is precious.


Jim Dandar said...

One ring to rule them all!!!

Anonymous said...

That was my plan all along. Surprise!