Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby Registry - Here's your chance to tell me everything you know

Friends, Countrymen, Moms......

I am beginning to take a look at baby things.  However, by "take a look" I mean:

Open website.  Click on cribs.  Stare options 1 of 50.  Close website rapidly.


Stroll into baby store.  Humor sales lady.  See if they have snacks.  Leave store.


Google "what I don't need" for baby registries.  Read quickly.  Still have no clue.

What I really want is YOUR opinion.  You are the people in the trenches.  Tell me please...
1)  What do I must have?
2)  What should I not get?
3)  What do you love?
4)  Where did you register and why?
5)  Can I avoid Babies R Us?

Thank you!


Wrestling Kitties said...

YAY!!! I love this post! :-)

I think I asked that awesome friend, kylee, a million questions on what was necessary vs not necessary. I actually created a word document and have shared that with others :-) It will probably find its way to your inbox whether you want it or not!! heehee

So this is what I did. I asked questions and got ideas and then me and my sister went to Babies R Us WITHOUT Terry just to walk around. No scanning, just observing. I know how Terry is and I wanted to see what was in the store, get a feel for the layout and look at items. THEN I came back with terry. I am glad I did it this way for me because Terry was all over the place and asking questions and trying stuff out and I felt less stressed because I didn't feel overwhelmed in the store because I knew where everything was and had a game plan.....even when my husband was scanning every random thing on to the registry. This whole process can be SO overwhelming. So for ME I had to check it all out first.

Plus it was fun to go with my sister so we could laugh at things like double pump bra that showed a lady typing on a computer and pumping and my sister and I thought was hilarious and Terry would have rolled his eyes at :-)

TRY STUFF OUT! Take the strollers off the shelf or ask them to get them down for you and try them!! Push them, fold them up, carry them. It seems silly but you (or someone) is spending a lot and you need to love it. Some strollers I loved until I pushed them around and being tall I had to crouch down or I hit my chins on when I walked. TEST TEST TEST!!

I registered multiple places, including Amazon. Here is the thing...if you register at amazon you can be a part of Amazon mom and get the free two day shipping and other deals. Bonus! plus it is convenient for people to buy stuff and send to you. I am sure you can avoid it, but we registered at babies R Us. People will go there so you might as well have a registry. Plus if you have a rewards card or get one you can tie it to your registry and get coupons from what people buy you :-) We also did target, but not as much there.

VIDEO MONITOR!! This is a must. I still use mine and we are actually going to get a second camera for when we switch him to a toddler bed so we can see the entire room! And get a good one. We got cheaper one at first and had to return it twice before we got a nicer one. I have a summer infant one. Think ours is outdated, but a slim and secure color video monitor sorta like below. I DIDN'T do this, but I would suggest registering for that second camera now because we are having a hard time two years later finding a second camera for our monitor. See, still learning things!!

I never used wipe warmer, diaper genie, bottle warmer (we filled a large cup with hot water and put the bottle in there for 5 minutes)

Random Things I loved....a humidifier, video mobile, BOUNCER (so nice those first few months), boppy, car seat & stroller travel system (I loved it so you never had to take an infant out of the car seat and could just hook them right onto the stroller!), inside theremometer for the kids room...this allows you to track the babies room temp and humidity...we still use it for henry's room - not necessary, but really nice!

I will send you more. :)

It can be overwhelming, but I really tried to embrace it and it was actually fun! You will get there and see what you don't need. I also put a lot of stuff on the registry when I was there and then went home in my quiet house when I had time and took stuff off I no longer thought was important. You can totally just do your registry online, as long as you go and "try out" the bigger items. Less stressful that way!!

eeeeekkkkk!! This is so exciting!!!

Lauren Tracy said...

OK, let me start by telling you how much I am loving how often you are blogging! I love hearing about you, your partner and the mister! I will totally talk more about this with you, but I truly believe the baby registry is one of the most overwhelming things new parents mull over.

Things you can totally do without:
Diaper Genie/Diaper disposal system of any kind- the bags are expensive, and if the diaper is stinky, recycle a plastic bag and take it directly to your garage. (or outside if it is THAT bad)

Wipes warmer- I was told by a friend that her baby would despise the cold wipes overnight during changings, and would have a hard time falling back to sleep. I fell into the trap and registered for a wipe warmer and was too afraid to plug it in due to my irrational fear of fires, so I just used room temp wipes. Change your baby before his/her feeding and they are dream feeding by the end of the session. It is that simple.

Bumbo seat- OK, I know people love them, but I think they looked awkward and uncomfortable. The baby is sitting 6 inches off the floor and looks awkwardly short and slouched over. Some people just put the Bumbo on the counter or table, but that also sends me into a complete panic. Babies want to be held. Get a Moby wrap and face the baby out, He/she will love the view of what you are doing and will be happily bouncing around while you have both hands!

I have other products that I didn't use that we can discuss later, but these are the standouts.

Here are my "I wouldn't have survived without" products:
MOBY WRAP... See above. I loved wearing my babies around the house, and trust me, they are happiest this way too. I had 2 arms, and my babies were right there with me. LOVE THIS.

Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper.... OK, I didn;t have this with Henry, but he was a natural sleeper. He slept in his crib, on his back as soon as he got home from the hospital... Elise was another story. She had reflux and colic and needed to sleep on an incline. I put the Rock n Play right next to the bed and rocked her with my arm. She slept here for 4 months, and we loved it.

California Baby products- As you know I am a freak about chemicals in health and home products. Cali Baby is totally safe and allergen free. The smells are fabulous and they never irritated my babies' skin. I love the lotion, soap/shampoo, diaper rash cream and now the conditioner and leave in conditioner for Elise's afro.

Carter's Onesies- These are the best. They don't shrink and wash really nice. I felt they held up better than the other brands I tried. Since your partner is going to be a spring baby, he/she can spend the summer comfortably in a onesie and nothing else!

Britax Convertable Car Seat/ Britax Booster seat- These aren't for until the baby is older, but I LOVE BRITAX! I got a Chicco infant travel system/car seat which I loved, but the next steps I fell in love with Britax. They are safe and comfortable.

Anyhow, I could go on and on. We will chat later, Keep the fun posts coming! I love your writing style! I hope the baby has this great skill as well!


Erika Jean said...

Wait. Did I miss somehthing? As a former Nanny extraordinaire I always include Triple Paste into gifts for expectant mothers. It is expensive but it is the best damn butt cream around. If it doesn't clear it up it is a yeast infection.
I've always loved those little Bumbo seats, but they are pricey and you will only use if for a short time (see if you can borrow/use one from a friend with kids)
Swings are nice.... but take up a lot of room.... any babies out of newborn stage in my experience are hit or miss with wanting to be in them. if you do get one get one the PLUGS in or you will waste a lot of $ on batteries. Also one that folds up to move is great (living room to your bedroom)

Erika Jean said...

an big exercise ball is nice to have to bounce baby to sleep lightly and give your back a rest ;-)

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

Ah, this is so fun. It's been over a year and a half since I've changed a diaper and nearly 3 years since I was in the newborn game. But, here was the list I had on my blog:

My piece of advice: buy necessities, borrow what you can.

Invest in a GREAT infant carseat and then a convertible carseat. (For after they grow out of the infant seat.) SAFETY FIRST. Spare no expense. And buy one for your car and one for DT's. Changing carseats is a nightmare. (With infant seats, you can just buy two bases.)

Invest in a FANTASTIC breast pump if you're going to nurse. The last thing you're going to want to hook up to everyday is a shoddy piece of plastic. Efficiency. If you're going to pump at work, buy a hands-free pump. I had the weird bra thing and it worked, but it was a pain in the butt. I literally pumped while working.

Invest in a quality video monitor. This will save your heart a thousand worries. (I still have them in the girls' rooms.)

Buy at least 2 miracle blankets. (For swaddling). They were lifesavers with L & V. Swaddling is the key to life.

We hugely overdid it with Lila. I had like 7 baby carriers (ergo was my favorite) and hundreds of onesies. Luckily you live in the normal world and not Mexico, therefore you're a drive or a click away from buying more of what you need.

You will have no idea what your baby will take to. One of my kiddos loved the swing, the other hated it. One loved the bouncy seat, the other hated it.

I will see, without any doubt, I do not regret that we didn't buy a wipes warmer. :) I always felt that by using one of those from birth on I'd be setting unrealistic expectations. I mean, was Lila going to expect me to warm her toilet paper when she got older, too?

So my other thoughts: you can never have too many kids' books, get a good nose sucker, get a really good thermometer (that you know how to use), get a highchair that doesn't have a ton of crevices for your little sweetheart to smoosh peas into. KEEP THE TAGS ON THE CLOTHES YOU GET AT THE SHOWER - chances are the kid will wear 15% of what you receive. Get a humidifier, gas drops and if you're going to nurse, boppys work really well. (BUT, a pillow will do just fine...)

Iris Took said...

Thank you WK! I have more research to do! the Amazon thing is awesome and I had wished I did that for our wedding. Sounds like now is a good time to get on board with Amazon!

PS I already told DT he did NOT have to come register with me :)

Iris Took said...

Hey Smokey! Thanks for your post. I know you have a love of products! This is good advice. Thank you!! I have been hearing diaper genie is not necessary and it is expensive anyway.

Iris Took said...

EJ - great suggestion about plugging into the wall. I would have never thought of that! Thank you!

Iris Took said...

Check!! Have two of those. I think they need air though :)

Iris Took said...

I have been reading your baby posts and that was part of the reason for my solicitation post! Yes! Borrow is a great idea. I have a friend that is giving me her breast pump and another friend (thank you Kate!) that gave me the baby food cooker/pureer.

Two carseats is a great idea. Switching sounds terrible. Sound like a recipe for anxiety.

You pumped at work??? You will have to tell me that story on the phone. Or skype. Or hopefully in person. There is not one place at work where I have ONCE OUNCE of privacy. No where at work is safe or even semi private because there are so many people there. Plus I have no door. Maybe i can pump in the car? HAHAH!

Danielle Tracy said...

Tell your employer they need to get on the horse and find a place for nursing mothers. It is the law that all employers have to have reasonable, private accommodations, for nursing mothers. And no, bathrooms do not count!

Iris Took said...

@ Aunt Dee - Yes, we do have some places but not in the actual office. Maybe it's time for me to be a champion of nursing mothers! LOL! Thanks for the suggestion. xo

Anonymous said...

I emailed my friends the same question but the list was a lot shorter.

1. Diapers 2. Beer
3. Headphones

This baby stuff sounds easy.