Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Mustache Fix-it Company

Everyone should have a Mustache - that is, a Dad who can fix ANYTHING!  Thanks Dad for the home improvement projects this weekend.  Here is our his progress.  Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I was so excited about getting new fixtures and updating our house and I wanted to share immediately.  Thanks Dad!!!!

Old kitchen light fixture.  Please note the amazing gold finish.  Please ignore the paint trim I still must complete.

New ceiling fan with light!  It works!  It dims!  Hooray!!!
Old foyer light fixture.  Notice how the gold theme carries through the house.

New fixture!  I only had one light bulb on hand, but again was just too excited and wanted to share.  You can never accuse me of being OCD. 

1 comment:

Wrestling Kitties said...

Lovely!! Light fixtures make such a difference. I love going to Home Depot and looking for light fixtures ;-)

And i have a mutton chop husband who can fix everything! heehee