Thursday, November 21, 2013

So a Polar Bear walks into a bar....

What's that joke?  How much does a Polar Bear weigh?  Enough to break the ice...Hi, I'm Jerry....(imagine yourself at a bad convention, bad ties, bad breath, bad, bad, bad.....)

At the Rotterdam Zoo in Germany a few days ago, two visitors got a little more excitement than they are used to.  Two year old bear, Vicks, was swimming in his enclosure and all of a sudden, BAM, the glass breaks.  Listen for it - it's really loud.  How terrifying.  Obviously the men take off and the only word I can make out is "kaputt," which translates to "broken."


From the article it seems that Vicks was transferred before the glass broke any further and no one was hurt.  It is incredible that the glass was strong enough to not shatter completely.  Can you imagine though?  Kudos to the keepers and staff at the Rotterdam Zoo.

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Wrestling Kitties said...

WOW. What hit that window?!?! That is crazy!

But how damn cute was that bear swimming?!?!