Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inspiration and deflation

Some people can never be pleased.  

You can't make everyone happy.

Some people enjoy being miserable.

Misery loves company.

Sorry for being so negative two posts in a row, but this is my blog and I feel it necessary to get things out here in my little space.  Thanks for reading.

Today I was driving to work listening to a live interview with the newly elected mayor on good ol' AM radio.  I was inspired by his enthusiasm and readiness to help with creating his vision for the city.  All politics aside, you could tell that he was invigorated despite having 3 hours of sleep the night before and surely the same routine for the weeks prior to last night's election.

I am one of those people that can be very easily inspired by others and like to share their zest and enthusiasm.  On the other side, when surrounded by negativity and criticism, it really rubs off on me and affects my attitude, outlook and thoughts.  I hate that it affects my thoughts.  I tend to dwell on things that people say to me and over analyze it.  "Why did he say that?  What do you think that meant?   Did I do something to deserve that or what should I have done better to avoid it?"  Hours and days later, I think about some conflict that I may or may not have created in my mind.

Today, after my pump up AM radio speech from the mayor, I was "greeted" by a co-worker.  "Good morning, how are you?" I asked.  "Cold," he muttered as he brushed past me.  Cold?!?  It's 60 degrees in November.  This is basically a miracle (or global warming, but I didn't feel like arguing).

Now, I know that everyone is not a morning person, but is it so hard to be polite to one another?  Not just in the morning, but in general?

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Wrestling Kitties said...

First, vent away!!

Ugh....I hear you on this. I tend to take in the vibes around me. When people are grumpy in the office I am mad because it rubs off on me, even if I was in a great mood before. It is annoying to be surrounded by negativity all day. I mean come on, you make the best of it and if you are in a bad mood (which I can be) I stay away from people but still IF I talk to someone I am nice. Being polite isn't hard.

Oh and cold in the office. Um, you would totally kick someone here. There are a couple girls who EVERY time they come to the front the say " is freezing up here". Our office is usually always set on 70/71. Really. 70/71 is FREEZING?!?! Since when! They have their heaters on so it is like 80 back there. I would die. No wonder you are cold, if you blasted your heater directly on you and then moved away from it anyone would be cold!! Stupid.

Today a stranger did something nice for me (bought me coffee) and a returned the favor to the person behind me and it put me in such a great mood. I really wish more days were like that, the mood that is :-)