Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't hate on Greek Yogurt - It's actually your friend

Greek yogurt is quite amazing.  I, too, used to be a hater of this fancy, oddly thick protein-y yogurt.  But don't hate - get hip to it's incredible flexibility and ability to help you enjoy some of the dishes you loved as a kid but without the guilt!

Please note - you can absolutely hate on the Oikos commercials.  John Stamos?  What are you doing??

Anyway, tonight, I made a lightened up version of one of my all-time favorite dishes - Chicken Paprikash.  My Grandma on my Dad's side is an amazing cook - she always made the best Hungarian dishes - this one to be specific.  However, you know it's not good for you!  It's not everyday food, that's for sure.  When Grandma makes a dish, it takes a while.  I found this blog called Jo Cooks from Foodgawker.  She calls this Chicken Paprikash Stroganoff.  I made a version of her dish - and it was incredible.  Rich and decadent tasting, without the Hungarian guilt. 

See?  Greek yogurt can totally be your friend if you let it.  I'm not saying I would take a spoonful of plain, fat-free paste to the face (blech), but I use it in dips and cooking quite a bit.  In fact, I have replaced sour cream almost all together.  Thanks Uncle Jessie.

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