Friday, November 8, 2013


I read this article on my lunch hour. I get sucked into these types of articles every single time as if they are going to reveal some new and exciting move that would be somewhat appropriate at work.

When I need a break, I go and walk around outside usually OR (if I want to get crazy) I stand up and stretch.  Can you honestly tell me that you would do any of these moves if you work in view of other people?
Come on, tricep dips?  On a rolling chair?  No thanks.  That's just asking to wind up on the floor on your rumpus.  

 What is t his?  Single leg squat?  I am not sure I could do this even if I had a bar let alone using my cluttered desk.  No.
 This is laughable.  Bicycles with a twist?  In my own home, wearing compression capris and two sports bras, with Tony Horton yelling at me, I look like a seal trying to get onto land.  In a skirt on the office floor?  Not gonna happen..
This I could see doing.  But I'm not.

Again, rolling chair.  Skirt.  Co-workers.  

Now, why does anyone think this is ok?  This can lead to injury and falling and kicking over my drink collection of diet Coke, coffee, water and possibly a seasonal beverage.  Hazardous.

I could maybe see doing this one.  This might be the only reasonable one.  However, I think I would need to get to work before anyone else was here to accomplish my "push ups" without interruption.  Can't you imagine.....One, two, three - "Uh yeah...Peter, did you finish those TPS reports...... 


Anonymous said...

lol. Def don't risk the seasonal beverage ;)

Iris Took said...

BAH! MERP - I need a seasonal beverage :)