Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brown Thursday

This is just ridiculous.  Just like selfie is the 2013 "word" of the year according to the Oxford Dictionary.  Selfie.  I guess it's a little more robust than we think because selfie beat out twerk.  Imagine that in a fight.  Bad poses and weird outfits all around.

Brown Thursday?  I'm on board with Black Friday - like way on board.   But not so far on board that I take time off work to camp out in front of Best Buy to get the first TV or Call of Duty Game.  How do those people shower?  More like, I hit the has-been, old-ladyish, but-cool-to-me stores such as Elder-Beerman and Steinmart after 3pm (after the crazies have gone home to nap) and get some decent deals.  Cyber Monday?  Yes, please.  I do love Amazon and get most of my Christmas shopping done this week.

But Brown Thursday? 

I heard what Jimmy Kimmel said about this new term and will let him tell you - because I concur.   DUMB!  Why do we have to have a cute name for everything? 

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