Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Have you been to a Wine and Canvas or UnCork the Artist event?  It's a LOT of fun and even if you are not artistic, you can create a nice painting for your house or have fun trying.  The instructor goes step by step with the class, provides all materials, and it's in a restaurant (or studio which means BYOB!) so you can order food or drinks.  Do it - it's fun.  Here's mine from last night:

I heard on the radio today (AM radio, ahem) that some movie theaters are considering offering a "social media" friendly theater that allows texting, tablets, and laptops in a lighted auditorium to accommodate today's wired in individuals and to also offer another workspace besides a coffee house.

My question - don't you go to a movie to UNPLUG?  Forget? Turn your brain off so to speak?  Maybe that's just me.  Maybe I'm getting older...and how did that happen?  And when!  Who is responsible!?  I see no issue with these types of theaters but please don't take away the good old-fashioned dark theaters where you can escape, even if for a few hours.  And eat a huge tub popcorn in the dark so no one sees you.

That's one of the reasons I love these painting class.  My good friend and I both noticed half-way through that we were barely talking to each other and not really thinking about anything else but the paining.  Nice to truly unwind in a non electronic way.


Wrestling Kitties said...

First, I LOVE your painting!!! Nicely done!

Second, I have never heard of this but would totally go to it. Food, drinks and painting....totally up my alley and my idea of fun!! I am totally looking into when the next one is.

And I would also NOT support going to a theater that allowed that stuff. First off for two people to go to an evening movie and get delicious snacks (which you MUST get) you are easily looking at $50. If I am spending that type of money I want to actually WATCH the movie and not be on my cell phone. And I agree, the movie is my way to disconnect, get completely put in to this other world for a couple hours (or three if it is a hobbit movie!). It wasn't until I had Henry that I actually left my phone on and would check it once or twice during the movie because I am paranoid. But really, I want to have nothing to do with anyone or anything else besides me, Terry (sometimes) and my popcorn and/or pretzel bites!!

(I think today they are showing a teaser today for the new Captain America movie!! Also, are you watching the Agents of Shield TV show?)

Iris Took said...

WK - I have all the Agents of Shield on DVR but have yet to watch - is it good? I bet it is :)