Monday, October 28, 2013

Pretty Excited - Pottery Edition

When I was a kid, my parents enrolled me in art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art.  What a great experience - the world famous TMA!  We learned how to draw, paint, make pinch pots, plus we toured all ends of the Museum.  My favorite places were the Kloisters, the Mummy Exhibit and the Great Gallery.  I just loved the way the floor creaked and the distinct smell of the hallways.  Plus it was always cold in there.  I liked that.

I went on to take more advanced pottery and some art in high school, but never really continued on with it.  My recent adventures with the Wine and Canvas and UnCork events have lit the fire in me again to take some classes on a more regular basis.  I found Toledo Potter's Guild online and decided to sign up for the January 10 week session. 

I'm pretty excited.

Would you take an art class as an adult?


Erika Jean said...

I would! That sounds like fun!

Wrestling Kitties said...

YES. I totally would. I love art so much. I actually wanted to get my degree in art therapy in college but they closed the program a semester before I was to register. Love this kind of stuff.

Can't wait to see what you make!!

(I would totally do a program if I could with you some time!!)