Tuesday, October 1, 2013

People are ....ballsy?

Well, first and foremost, let me say a hearty THANK YOU to everyone that made me have one of the happiest birthdays ever.  I heard from so many of you - cards, emails, texts, and yes, Facebook:)
I loved seeing so many people over the weekend too - a reminder that although I cannot see or even talk to everyone as much as I would like, we can still connect when it matters.


Next, here are some things you might like to know.

1 - I attended a wedding at Nazareth Hall recently, and in the ladies' room (where all good conversions occur), I met a lady who was older than me (not old, just older than me).    She compliments me on my dress - who doesn't love that?  Next she continues, "Now, I know that blue is out this year, but I still like it!  I mean, who cares if your dress is out, right?!"   Apparently, I had no idea that the color blue was out this year.  Damn you, Stella & Dot - you said cobalt was IN.

2-  My new neighbor never wears a shirt and waters his lawn for hours while perched in a lawn chair.  Hours.  I saw him on Friday night and it came up that it was my birthday.  Now, he's older than I am as well.  I am guessing somewhere in his 60s because of the age of his kids but I cannot say for sure.  He says to me, "Huh, birthday?  How old are you?  40?  45?"  I smiled.  "Somewhere in that range*."  Never OVERguess a woman's age.  Come on, Shirtless Dave.  Go low on the age guess.

*Please note that I just turned 35.

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Wrestling Kitties said...

1. Who says that....a certain color is out?!?! You are not on Fashion Police, get over yourself!! For the record, I bet you looked awesome!! (P.S. I am always out when it comes to what I am wearing!)

2. There is so much wrong with this one!! Watering your lawn for hours. Uh, who has that kind of time or would WANT to waste that kind of time. You should buy him a sprinkler....I think that is why, Over a 100 years ago!!! (I checked, the first rotating lawn sprinkler was patented in 1890. heehee) Ok, next no shirt outside. NO. Bad neighbor. NO, NO, NO. (smacks on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.) And finally, over-guessing a womens age?! I mean really. Shirtless Dave, you know that is the wrong answer! Even if you are just trying to be funny, perhaps tell a knock knock joke instead.