Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013 from the Forrest Moon of Endor

Happy Halloween!  You know I love Halloween and I agonize over my costume choice every year.  I finally decided on this little Ewok and I was really happy with it, although some people just made Chewbacca noises at me all night (hilarious), one person thought I was Willow (more hilarious), and most girls thought I was a rabid teddy bear (not acceptable).   Thanks to my buddy Jeff for loaning me the Monkey Suit!  Here are some photos from over the weekend.  To learn more about Ewoks,click here

Here is my inspiration - Wicket

I found a piece of fabric at Goodwill for $2 - hand sewed for effect and authenticity. 

Here's Wicket's Weapon - a stick and rock (from Clark Lake)
Dress Rehearsal - outside at the Lake
Action Stance - fighting Droids with my stick aka trying not to laugh                                             
Full Costume with Makeup

Here's DT - Taco Costume.  We laughed that he was a "walking Taco."

Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty and Elmer Fudd

Indiana Jones and Reno 911

Mom and Dad



Urkel and Phantom

The Pharaoh and The Taco

Pimps & Hos

Crayons - Tickle Me Pink LOL

Just in case you would like to know what my costume was in 2012:
Ursula the Seawitch.  I still think this was my best costume.

With Flotsam & Jetsam.  KEEP SINGING!
I watched about 10 YouTube videos to get this make up perfect!  That's my real hair.  Dad drilled holes in real shells for the Jewelry.
Poor Unfortunate Souls!


Wrestling Kitties said...

You are awesome. It is a straight up fact....YOU ARE AWESOME!!


Well done.

I have to say your costume last year....AMAZING!!! Poor unfortunate souls...heehee :-)
(I was also a huge fan of medusa!)

Nicely done to your husband as well! Love that he is a walking taco.

Rabid teddy bear?!?! Please.

Anonymous said...

GOOD JUAN! Loved all the pics!!

Iris Took said...

HAHA! I know! Thanks WK!

Iris Took said...

Thanks for taking them for me. The outside ones are my favorite!