Monday, August 12, 2013

What's in My Box Week I'm Not Sure

This week in my farm box, I received more exciting items and some repeats.  Corn, kale, yellow peppers, carrots, and more beets.  Last time I screwed up a pan of roasted veggies by cutting off the tops of those poor bastard beets because they bled all over everything.  It was like a Sopranos episode.

So I learned.  That's the fun getting new produce every week.  It is forcing me to create dishes with veggies I don't usually buy.  I made an apple and beet salad for dinner tonight using this recipe.   I didn't have shallots so I used red onion and I didn't have walnuts so I omitted.  Verdict?  Gorgeous and delicious (plus healthy).  Who knew!

This week I have carrots coming out the wah-zoo so I might make this recipe posted on Shared Legacy.  I will most likely omit the FULL FAT coconut milk for low fat or do some fat free half and half plus skim.  I am most sure it won't be as thick, but it will taste good and I won't feel bad about eating all of it.

Since we are having a carrot surplus, I also made some of that amazing ginger-carrot dressing you get on a salad when you go to a hibachi restaurant, but found a healthy way to make it.  Can it be healthy in the restaurant?  No way!  It's too good!  Well, anyway, this was just as fantastic and I even ate some of it warm like a soup.   Here's what I did almost exactly.

What have you been eating this summer?


Anonymous said...

Yum ;)

Wrestling Kitties said...

FUN!! Apple and Beet salad?!?! I just don't know why beets scare me....maybe the color :-)

i am ALL about Kale. I love that stuff. I try to put it IN everything I can.

We haven't been eating too much fun this summer, but I have been trying to do more Pinterest recipes and experiment a little more.