Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unreasonable at any size

Every day when I get dressed I shallowly ask myself:

Do I look good today?

Now, in my own defense, I am not trying to look good because I want to impress other people.  I mostly want to impress myself.  I struggle with weight and have most of my life.  Therefore, when I get compliments on my outfits, I feel like size does not matter and I really enjoy that, and I firmly believe you and look good at any size if you know how to dress for your body type.  Plus, after I lose weight, I tend to get rid of all the "biggy" clothes and go on a mass shopping spree of a new, smaller, fabulous wardrobe moderately buy a few new pieces.  You know, because food is not a reward.

Anyway, still fitting into most of my smaller clothes, I have on an outfit that really makes me feel confident.  At a meeting this morning, the compliments arrived.  It felt good.

Now, there is always that one person that takes it too far.  Usually I try to embody my Mom's Christian sayings, "offer it up," or "be thankful for what you have, " type of mantras.   Anyway, this person asked me where I got my shirt and then immediately LOOKED AT MY TAG.   As in, reached down my collar and read my size and label.

Should that offend me?

Since I often times feel like two different people, let me just explain to you what went on in my head(s):

IrisTook #1:  "Huh, that's weird.  That will make a funny story later.  Where did I get this shirt?"

IrisTook #2:  "AREYOUFINGSERIOUS?  Did she see the label?  Did she see the size?  What size was it?  OMG - what if she tells someone what size it was?  I wonder if she knows it was not a name brand shirt?  Did she notice that my neck was sweaty?  Did I shave my armpits?  She will for sure tell someone that I am sweaty and smelly.  My life is over."

See?  Unreasonable. 

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Wrestling Kitties said...

Seriously, they did that?!?!?!


I think the second version of you would have been the FULL version of me....but add on, I can't wait to tell people about this once I find a memory drug and administer it to this person so to make sure they never divulge any information from this event again. (I watch too much sci-fi)

I was seriously cracking up about the sweat thing and the shaving thing....True that!

I need new clothes. I use to have an outfit that would always make me feel confident, but eh....not any more. It really does make a difference in how you feel and present yourself.