Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Day You Find Out You Are A Weirdo

Do you remember the day you knew you realized you were a weirdo?  Most people don't.  I mean it's more of a gradual thing.  For some reason, I had a recollection of a sleepover with friends in grade school.  We did the normal things.  Eat popcorn, watch movies, talk about school crap, and talk about boys.  I was sort of an A-hole at that time.  I was really into Metallica and Doc Martens, but I did like one boy at school but would never admit it for fear of someone telling him and then he would say that he did not like me back.  We were friends.  Then I would die a slow death of rejection and sorrow only to be ridiculed by my friends and it would also most likely be in the St. Pius X yearbook.  Grade school drama.

However, we were going around in a circle talking about celebrities we thought we were cute.

A/C Slater.

Zack Morris.

DJ Tanner's Boyfriend (also voice of Aladdin).

Will Smith.

Luke Perry.

It got to me.  I choked.  Why didn't I just go with the flow and say a safe choice like Will Wheaton or something?  I don't really regret what I said currently because I still think he's amazing, but at the time, I do remember loving him but not wanting to admit it.  Plus, I was an enormous movie junkie already and watched all kinds of awesome movies with my Dad and sisters.  I don't think my girlfriends understood.  In fact I know they didn't because there was silence followed by crazy laughter.  Not the kind that you join in on, but the kind of laughter that you want to leave and go eat a tub of rocky road ice cream topped with rippled potato chips.  What did I say?


Bill freakin' Murray.

You be the judge.


ErikaJean said...

Hahah interesting choice!!

Anonymous said...

Bill Murray?! oh zully!

Anonymous said...

Bill Murray! THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EEN! I'm so glad you're a weirdo! Fricken' Bill Murray....amazing!


Danielle Tracy said...

This is the greatest thing I've read this month and also why I love you!! Also, it took me like 6 times to get your spam thing right. I even tried the audio and had NO IDEA what they were saying!

Iris Took said...

BAHAH! Glad you guys are enjoying my childhood weirdness. Dee- sorry you are having issues. I HATE the word verification too.