Monday, August 5, 2013

A day to do nothing

Life moves pretty fast....

Wouldn't it be nice for one day a month to be dedicated to "do little to nothing day," but we'd need a snappier title.  A Ferris Bueller Day Off sort of afternoon?  Just a day to relax and recuperate.  Or a day to go downtown and sing some Wayne Newton on a parade float.  Whatever floats

Oh, wait.  Isn't that for what Sundays were intentioned?  Well, here in the real world a lot of us work on Sundays, there are parties and obligations on Sundays and you end up having a long day that is almost like work on Sundays.  We need the Ferris Bueller Day.  The day of no obligations.  No laundry, no cleaning, no cooking, no phone calls, and best yet, no calories (how can we accomplish that?).

But this "day to do little to nothing" does not have to be on a Sunday, it can rotate.  I just think we need more holidays to hang out and enjoy our lives and loved ones.  What do you think?