Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's in My Box: July 9

 This week on "What's in my box," I will feature photos!  YAY!  Another colorful and gorgeous box of produce from Shared Legacy.  This week was the first time I have actually been able to pick up the box myself and I was SO PUMPED UP!  I tried not to stand there and talk to the farmers for a long time because there were busy, but I just had to tell them how much I loved having this CSA and how much fun I am having creating new dishes out of this local, fresh. in-season produce.  :)

I didn't get the cabbage they spoke of in the newsletter, but I did get a bonus of kale, which I love.  Beets I have not had a lot of experience with but I roasted them with the potatoes and carrots and onions (for a nice winter meal LOL) and it was great.  Everything was all red though.  I found out later that you have to roast beets whole and THEN peel them.  WOW - learning by default. SO fun.

I digress, here are the goods:


Not really sure what this is - maybe broccoli raab?



??? - but cute :)

Zucchini & Summer Squash

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