Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Should restrooms be Unisex?

Bathroom humor.  It never gets old...well, for me anyway.

There are two bathrooms at work.  A ladies and a men's.

Now, they are the exact same restroom except for the ladies has a candy machine that dispenses items that are not candy and the men's is usually not as clean.  No urinal.  Plus, it never has a line full of ladies in front of it.

Here's the deal.  I drink about a gallon of water a day and have to go a lot.  Other women are on the same track, and during the summer, I have about 900 {thousand} co-workers.   Plus I usually wait until the last minute to go.

Don't judge me.  I use the men's.

Every time I come out of there, someone gives me a weird look.  Like...
A)  Why were you in the MEN'S?  (From a man)
B)  GROSS!  Don't you have any scruples?  (from a woman)
C)  Maybe she's a transvestite?  (probably not, but my world that would play out like a movie, someone would say that or whisper it to someone else - definitely start a rumor or bulge watch).

Think about it.  You have used the Unisex potty before - at concerts (well, I guess you are drunk then and don't care), at someone's house (everyone uses the same restroom there), at restaurants and bars when they have the single stalls (what else would you do?).

Why, then does it seem so gross to use the other one?


Wrestling Kitties said...

Oh my gosh....I LOVE that you posted this!! Hilarious! :)

I have to say at the firm I work at we have the same thing. Two restrooms that are identical. On a normal day we have about 4 men and 11 women. The women in the office next to us also use our restroom. (Some days there may be 1 or 2 more men.)

Needless to say the women's restroom is ALWAYS FULL.

Yesterday was a perfect example. I mean, this post came at the perfect time as we were JUST talking about this yesterday!

So I too drink a ton of water and in the morning about 2 cups of coffee. I too also wait until the last minute to use the restroom.

Well yesterday afternoon I got up around 3:30 to use the restroom. Door locked.

So I sat back down. I hear the door open and quickly finished an email and hear someone go back in. So I go back to my desk and I wait.

In the meantime someone is talking to me and I get distracted. 10 minutes go by and I get up to go....and it is locked. SERIOUSLY.

So I go back to my desk and wait. I can hear the door when it opens so I am just paying close attention now.

Well I think someone was not feeling too well because I kept hearing the TP roll and they were in there for at least 15 minutes. UGH.

I hear them leave and I decide to just wait a minute....let things air out a bit :-/

No joke, someone else goes in.


Finally, about 50 minutes later and one overflowing bladder later I get in there to go. My bladder is NOT the same post kid...I really thought I was going to pee my pants.

Now it crossed my mind to use the mens and I would have, but then all the women in the office were like "gross" you don't want to use THAT restroom. So i didn't. I don't know what the stigma attached to it is.

You are use unisex bathrooms more than you think, and if you have to go why can't you use it?!?!

I use to clean bathrooms in college (gross) and while the guys bathrooms were gross after a night of drinking on the weekends....the womens bathrooms were ALWAYS far worse. Hair, personal items, TP, pee on the seat.


I don't know why it is thought to be gross?! I mean, sharing a bathroom other than yours with anyone is sorta or women. You just don't think about it and go!

Good for you for going in the men's!!

Wrestling Kitties said...

Damn, that was a long comment!! :)

Iris Took said...

@Wrestling Kitties - SO FUNNY! Best comment ever! I love that you feel the same way -see, I'm not the only one!