Monday, July 15, 2013

Linked OUT

I'm over Facebook.  I find it totally annoying and think everyone on there is either lying or fishing for compliments.  I have hidden so many people.  I can tell you that no one that reads this blog is someone that I have hidden.  I love all you bloggers :)

Anyway, Linked In is getting that way lately.  I don't want to be Linked In with everyone.  Isn't that the point?  Isn't this for business?

Here's the scoop - someone that actually fired me from a job is asking me to link in with them.  Am I wrong to not want to link in with them?   Am I taking crazy pills?

What would you do?

I'm not accepting.  You can't make me.


Sassytimes said...

I wouldn't accept. But, I'm mean like that. ;)

Linked In bugs me. It WAS professional. Now, it seems, like everyone makes things up that they do at work, or have experience in, then their drinking buddy endorses their skills/abilities and viola! They are an amazing managing director of such and such, even though they really have no experience in anything at all, let alone being a manager of anything.

I have had people endorse me for skills that I do believe I'm good at, but does that person know that? Have they ever worked with me or seen me perform that skill? No. They know me from college and haven't seen me in years. I decline their little endorsements, because it feels like a game of sorts. I endorsed you, you endorse me. Silly. Just silly.

Wrestling Kitties said...

Uh, DECLINE....with a big old HELL NO!! :)

I was on Linked In for all of 5 minutes. I tried it when it first came out and then kept getting requests and just forgot about it and didn't understand the point so I got rid of it with no interest in going back.

And facebook totally annoys me these days. Don't get me wrong, I like it to post pictures and remain in contact with people. But this whole thing where I get opinion cards (or whatever they are called) from people with their opinions about politics or religion are SO annoying.

Or I get constant updates every 5 minutes that are as ridiculous as this: "Im wash'n my hands bc they our so dirty lol." "OMG, I used two much soap and its evrywhere!! FML"

(intentional spelling mistakes....LEARN TO SPELL PEOPLE, YOU ARE OVER 30 YEARS OLD AND IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!)

And now I get these pictures of sick kids or people and say that if you don't "like" you don't care. Seriously?!?! Just STOP. I care but I don't NEED to prove that I care.


This why I like blogging, at least with MY blog I can be annoying if I want and it is MY content and I am not forced to see other people being annoying all the time :-)

Man, i am just all fired up and ranting today about social media!! It was that extra cup of coffee I think ;-)

Anonymous said...

no way - don't accept someone who fired you. i fired someone and I am ONLY tempted to see their linked in page so that I can stalk and judge them, and i try to be above these things so i have resisted. : ) Don't do it. AND - one a related note - i have FB too. blech. i wish it would self destruct and we could all get off the grid. i know that you can do it individually, but then i'll miss what the people i do care about/like ares posting (mostly pics that i'm interested in).
Malissa, who used to regularly write on Trophy Life but I am now a blog-slacker!

ErikaJean said...

I never really got into Linked In. As for facebook, I took a break from it a few years ago. When I cam back I only added close friends and family. It's been SO much better. I really just can't stand all those random people I went to school with and worked with in the past.

Mike W said...

As a recruiter, I need LinkedIn and couldn't do my job without it. The endorsements is really, really DUMB and it has gotten out of control. However, it does give people an opportunity to display their accomplishments (hopefully truthfully) and passively entertain job opportunities without posting a resume and telling their current employer that they are trying to leave.

I only keep my FB account so I can keep an eye on what my wife posts lol

Tim said...

Linked is good for your business contacts and does not allow you to share your personal stuff. So I want to sick into the personal thigns - facebook is the addres