Friday, June 7, 2013

People are.....nice??!?!?!!?

I've lived in the same neighborhood for years.  When new people move in and don't want to be friends, I don't get it.  I understand that you don't want to get all up in someone's business, but exchanging phone numbers or the friendly hello wave is nice.  Polite.  At this point, I feel like most of my neighbors go in and out of their houses as quickly as possible, head down, and if you wave at them, they stare at you like you just asked them to watch your wedding video.

However, there is this nice looking older gentleman that walks this little, tiny, white, fluffy dog daily.  I see him on my way to work, I see him on my way home, sometimes I just see him.  I have completely made up a scenario about him and his life.  He just looks so NICE.

The other day, he made eye contact with me and smiled.  I almost ran off the road.  I love it!!  I was so pleased - THIS is the kind of neighborhood I want to live in - one that is nice, welcoming, friendly. 

So I smiled.

Now, we have this on going "relationship."  He smiles and waves and so do I.  We have never had a conversation.  I don't know his name.  But, dammit, we are friends.


Moey Skeldon said...

i love you flavy!! I feel the same way about our neighborhood... I walk Zach around it all of the time and I don't understand why everyone doesn't want to say hi and get to know us. Especially since Zach is adorable and in a wagon and typically waving at them.

Wrestling Kitties said...

our neighborhood is like that. But I am guessing it is because the average age is 72 and at 5pm they are sitting down for dinner and watching murder she wrote and wheel of fortune. :)