Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to Mr. Took

Happy Birthday to my hubby Danny.

1)  I love you so much. You are completely the best and you make me so happy.  I am so lucky to have you all to myself :)

2)  Sorry this is late - I was busy drinking beers with you on your birthday.  I love that you appreciate that.

3)  We share a love of food and adventure and I enjoy every little adventure we take - especially the ones to Beirut that are less than a mile away from our house.

4)  As much as it does not seem like it at times, I love and appreciate your "just go with it" attitude and the fact that your plan is, well, not to have a plan.

5)  You can always make me laugh.  Even when I don't want to.  Or when I pretend like I don't want to.

Everyone should have a Danny in their life.

Big smooch.  Love you.  Happy Birthday.


Ky | TwoPretzels said...

This made me smile and I'm not even DT.

DT - I hope your birthday was GREAT.

You two are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Love you to Mrs. Took.
And thank you Ky, it was a very good birthday.