Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tofu Pie

I love a good "secret ingredient" dish.  It's fun - no one can guess what makes it either so good, so bad, or so healthy in this case!  I saw this on some TV cooking show and went hunting for it.   Chocolate Covered Katie is a great blog and I used her recipe for the pie I made for Mother's Day.

The only changes I made were that I used honey and not agave and that I went crustless, but believe you me, this pie was really delicious, especially for those watching their sugar and calories.  The chocolate chips I used were the 60% dark cacao kind and I love those.  This pie is really rich and amazing.  I would recommend some Cool Whhhhip (Brian!).  

I was not in love with the consistency, but I think that may have been the kind of tofu I used and I will try this again and again until I perfect it because I want this to be my signature pie!  I can add extracts and colorings and stuff.

Healthy chocolate pie?  Amazing!

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Wrestling Kitties said...

Ok, when you get this perfect LET ME KNOW!! I want to try this, but I am horrible when it comes to consistency things so I will not even try it now....but I want too!

I have been reading sneaky cookbooks for Henry's food and trying to find healthy alternatives and if there is something for chocolate pie then I want it!!