Wednesday, May 22, 2013

People are....DUMB

I have not had a people are crazy lately, but here's a "People are DUMB...."

Just now, I called my credit card company because there was a mistake on my card and they needed to credit me.  The rep asked me to update my current info with him - how much do I make, do I own or rent, yada, yada.....

He asks me, "Income?" 

I say, "Individual or household?"


Whatever?!?!?!  Is this a business?  Come on American Express - don't you train your people?  It's called screen shots (or demarcations). 

Next - and you gals will love this one - "Do you work at all?  Or are you just a stay at home mom?"

OK - there are so many things wrong with this statement.  Let's list them shall we???
1)  You are assuming because I am a 34 year old female that I am a mom.  Then you are assuming that I don't work.  Now you just assume that I am staying home with the kids. 
2)  You also said JUST a stay at home mom.  Not cool dude.
3)  Uh, yeah.  I work.  I work my ass off.  In fact, I'm working right now!  Well, technically I'm taking a break so I can write this because I'm so annoyed. 
4)  Do you work at all?  At all?   What do people say here - Uh, well, I work a little.  Here and there.  More like a hobby.  You need to WORK on your phone and people skills.

AMEX - start investing in your people.  Maybe it was this guy's first day.  Sheesh.


Mickey D. said...

Grrrr! to this whole thing. I hate that. Is this the 50's? YES, WOMEN WORK! We do that now. We also take care of children, too. Not mutually exclusive and no matter what, both are work. Thumbs down, dude. Thumbs down.

kristinzilke said...

Ummmmmmm......what? Speechless. That DID NOT really happen?!?! Aren't those conversations recorded for various purposes? Someone needs to review the tape on that one! "Do you work AT ALL" "JUST a stay at home mom"??? No.he.didn't!!! OMG!

Wrestling Kitties said...

I agree....this is totally ignorant and that person needs to be punched in the face.