Monday, May 13, 2013

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Have you seen IM3 yet?  For some reason, I was not that excited about it.  I am not sure why really.  Maybe it was because I think that trilogies can disappoint because they have a lot of hype.  Granted, it's usually the 2nd installment that is the worst, and I definitely found that to be true of the IM series. 

Well, Iron Man 3 delivered.  It was funny, fast, entertaining, and lots of stuff got done blowed up.  Plus not a lot of making out and other time wasters.  Just fantastic Mr. Tony Stark sarcastically kicking ass.  You'll like it if you have not seen it.

Now, immediately after this movie (well during if I'm being honest) I was searching on my phone for info on Avengers 2.  You will see RDJ as "rumored" on this flick for 2015.  Eh, I don't want an Avengers where there is another "Tony Stark."  Therefore, I will follow this with fervor so when I am an old lady in 2015 I will not be surprised about who and who is not appearing in Avengers 2.

However, to tide us over, we do have Thor: The Dark World coming to a theater near you in November of THIS YEAR!  Rejoice. 

Something else to get excited about for next summer is X-Men:  Days of Future Past.  Not a lot of info yet about this flick, but I do see our Adamantium filled friend is on the bill. 

Let's just hope we don't see anymore Spider -Man films.  Just stop it already!!!

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Wrestling Kitties said...

You know, it is funny....I want to see Iron Man 3 but wasn't wet my pants excited about it like I have been in the past. I think because IM2 was a bit of a let down. But I am SO glad to hear it was awesome!!

I heard that they were not sure if RDJ would be in the next Avengers. Terry said he was conflicted with this because there were so many Avengers over the course of the comic book that it would make sense if he wasn't in the next movie and they brought in new characters. Though in the comic books he still plays a big part. I just think fans will miss him!

I never heard about THOR!! OH MY GOSH!!

I posted on my blog the Top 5 I MUST see this summer at the theater:
1. Iron Man 3
2. Star Trek Into Darkness!!!!!!!!!!
3. Man of Steel
4. Despicable Me 2!!!!!
5. The Wolverine


Ok, and I must also tell you that I am going this weekend to see Star Trek!! (Well T. wants to see IM3 and I want ST2...we will see who "wins") Have you seen it?! I am SO excited. I am a total Cumberbitch and can't wait to see him as the evil character.