Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is Paleo cool?

While I do not think I could live my life without the occasional ice cream or beer, I do like meat and vegetables.  I can get by without carbs as long as I can have lots of other foods.  Seriously. 

As someone that has been living by a "counting" kind of a system for a long time, the Paleo Diet seems like it might be a good plan to try for a while - just to switch it up.  I am so incredibly tired of writing down every single thing I eat.  It's exhausting.  I can't event ell you how exhausting.  Although, I guess I just don't like the idea of "not being able to have" something either.  That is the trade off with the counting.

The Paleo diet is about eating simply - eating what the cavemen ate. 

What I like about it:
  • No counting
  • Meat and veggies
  • Fruit and Nuts
  • Oils and avocados!!!!
  • It's simplistic style

What I don't like:
  • It's association with Cross Fit (sorry - I think some people are psychos, not you BOB) - Posting all your workouts and food choices.  We get it - you are healthy and buff!!!!
  • Eliminating entire food groups
  • I think you should have dairy - mom always said so!
  • Not being able to have the "cheat" meal or food
  • What about drinks?!!?!?

I would like to maybe try this short term - not change forever, I normally eat fresh, healthy, non-processed foods anyway so this would not be a huge switch.  This may just be a nice change for a while.

Do you Paleo?


Lauren Tracy said...

Let me know what you think!! I have considered it myself, but find that the ""I can't have that" method doesn't always work for me... especially when eliminating all of a food group.

Wrestling Kitties said...

No, I can't do it. I am counting calories and I think it is best for me right now. If I want to have a piece of Dove chocolate, fine...I just have to add it to my calories for the day.

Of course I am not doing great at counting calories either, but it is better for me. I am not depriving myself of as many things and even though I have more veggies I still have my "happy" foods :-)

And can it just be said....I FUCKING HATE DIETING. UGH.

B. said...

Give up beer? NO WAY!