Thursday, May 9, 2013


Note - I wrote this on Friday and the original post title was "Not to be a b*%#h, but...."  haah!

Tonight I met my hubby at his restaurant for dinner at 10pm. Yes, we both work odd hours and rarely sit down for a meal together. So when we do, it's nice to actually sit there and eat and each other.

Yes, of course at his restaurant we see the regulars and friends, I don't mind that, because they know not to camp out at our table when we have dinner together. Tonight, this person came up to him about a fundraiser and I was just.not.pleased. I know she doesn't know our history, but I was so incredibly annoyed that she would approach him when he was clearly sitting down to take a break to eat dinner...with his wife.

She approaches, "sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to see...." Ugh! She just kept saying that she was sorry to interrupt (so don't) and that she didn't want to bother us during our dinner (so go away) and that she didn't want to intrude (ok so leave us alone) but still continued to stand there and give him the spiel.

In my mind, I looked like the biggest bitch on the planet. Who looks super bitchy?? Kristin Stewart? Megan Fox? I just had that look on my face. You know the look. The smile. The smile where you don't really smile but move your mouth but your eyes are not conveying niceness. Us, I was being a mega b itch and honestly, I was ok with that.

That lady needed a lesson in manners. Step one....introduce yourdamnself if you are going to ruin my I'd net lady! Don't just waltz in here and talk to my husband, ask him for money, pull him away from our one night a week dinner and not have the balls courtesy of giving me your name. Rude.

This is why I hate and will a,ways hate fundraising. You are interrupting someone's dinner with their spouse, those story time with their kids, their one hour of excursive time.

Anyway, I am confident that lady thinks I'm a bitch And I really don't care.


Anonymous said...

UGGGGHHHHHHHH how can people so ignorant!

As Jason Segel would say, "How rude!"

Ky | TwoPretzels said...

Honestly, we need to be protective of our VALUABLE time with our families. It's really that easy. That woman was beyond out of line.

Blech... You should have told her to talk to the hand.

Like, good 'ole 1992-style, "Talk to the hand."