Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I've been doing

I've been doing NOTHING but sleeping, watching TV and eating ice cream for days.  Sounds awesome, but I have been incredibly sick.  In a perfect world, when you can choose a calamity day, this would be amazing.  However, when this day chooses you and you have a zillion things to do and people counting on you, these days are not welcomed.  Now, here's what I have been doing watching.

Django Unchained:
NOT a good movie to watch when you are feeling queasy.  Classic Tarantino.  Gross, gory, unsettling, gives you nightmares. However, the acting is wonderful as usual, the story unusual, and it really makes you think.  Original.  I do love, love, love Christoph Waltz (and Leo, but for different reasons).  Not for the sensitive.  Really, I had to close my eyes and plug my ears several times.  For real.

The Jerk:
Just a feel-good movie that made me really laugh.  Dog named sh**head?  Hilarious.  Steve Martin at his best.   Why couldn't this kind of hair have been cool when I was in grade school?  I looooove it!

Ok, you can stone me or whatever, but I hated, hated, hated this movie.  Not even my movie boyfriend HUGE ACKMAN could have saved this horrible depressing musical for me.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't musicals supposed to be, uplifting, fun, catchy?  Yes, I know the title is called, MISERABLE, but did they have to take it so seriously?  It was so melancholy.  Slit your wrist, depressing!!  Ugh!  Jeez.  Ok, now you are going to be be really  mad, but I didn't really even like the music that much.  Did they really have to make Maximus Meridius Desimus sing?  Come on.   Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife....and I shall have my vengeance.....on the French?  I don't think so.  Best parts of this movie feature Helena Bonham Carter and Sasha Baron Cohen.  I'll take Wicked any day!  
This was a weird movie that I rented for free On Demand.  It was made in the 90s starring Geena Davis, Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman and Chevy Chase (that was what sold me).  This was a dumb movie but it was free and passed the time.  Dustin Hoffman cracked me up though because he was very cynical and swore a lot.

TV stuff:
Peter Pan the original.  Loved this movie as a kid! 
Cinderella - those stepsisters and mother were terrible!  Also, did you find it weird that Cinderella and the Prince got married after meeting ONE night?  Oh well, the old days....
Lion King.  Great movie.  Classic. 
Resident Evil:  The Afterlife also very random because I hate scary movies and this borders on scifi/scary.  However it also stars Wentworth Miller who you remember as Michael Scofield from Prison Break.  Yes!
Duck Dynasty - love this show!
Glee - caught up on this crap.  I think I hate this show.  I fast forward through ALL the singing.
The Voice.  Opposite- I fast forward through all the talking.   Shaki is way better than Xtina.

That's all for now.

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