Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Should I be offended?

I realize that today's marketing and "keeping in touch" is all done thruogh Facebook.  I also learned over the weekend from a teenager that FB is for "older people."  That cracked me up.  Facebook is apparently passe and only old people use it right before they die.  We are lame-o since we are not snap-chatting one another.  Hilarious.

Last week, I received a Facebook message from someone that I  knew in High School (ahem, that was a loooong time ago) and we didn't even go to the same school.  Her message to me?  Weight loss supplements.

At first read, I was incredibly annoyed.  We have not spoken in seriously about 15 years and it's not as if we were not friendly, but come ON!  My next thought was about her trolling FB photos for people she knows that need to lose weight and then targeting them with "information."  Then, I was super uber especially annoyed.  Better change my FB photos.

Then, like always, I calmed down after ranting and raving to my amazing hubby.  His response?  "Eh, that crazy b*#%h is just sending crap to everyone.  I hope you didn't respond."  He's always right.  I'm so stupid!  I was so offended that she had personally targeted me and never even considered it was a mass marketing ploy that was sent to every single one of her 1200 "friends."

I'm still offended.  Humph.

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Anonymous said...

How can I help it if I think it's funny when you're mad!

Love youb