Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Movie Reviews

Here is what I have been watching over the last month:

Wreck-It Ralph-
Watched this on the way out to Denver.  Great distraction for a flight and cute movie.  Great voices such as John C Reily and my girl, Jane Lynch.  Overall, great for kids and adults.

Here Comes the Boom -
Watched it on the way BACK from Denver.  As a Kevin James fan, I had to like it.  As a non-biased, non-James fan, it was sorta dumb.  Selma Hayek as the sexy sub?  Come on.  The plot was very silly and it reminded me of a Disney version of Warrior (which was a bad-ass movie) and sometimes School of Rock.  Not terrible, not my favorite.

Ok, I had to finish the saga.  However, the parts I like best are the parts without Kristen Stewart.  She's still a slumped over, angst-ridden, complainer that is love sick.  But now, she's immortal.  Great.  I do like the different vampires and their skillz.  Mad skillz - they can shield and read minds!  Pretty slick.  It's a beautiful film though - nice to watch. On mute.

At the risk of sounding like a shallow bimbo, I thought this movie was kind of slow and hard to understand at times.  YES, I know we learned about it in in the 8th grade, and I didn't retain that much of it.  I know it's American History and that it's very important...which is why I watched it, duh.   I can tell you that the acting is insanely good in it.  Super impressive.  Lincoln seems like a dude with his head on straight and that was fun to talk to - plus, he has a TON of great stories and allegories.  Good campfire buddy. 

The Voice -
NOT a movie but a singing competition judged by Blake Shelton (um, yes...and funny), Adam Levine (seriously, very hot), Usher (*see Adam Levine description), and Shakira (waaaaay better than Xtina and I love her accent.  Shaki!!!).  This show is best to watch on DVR so you can scroll past the stories, not just because they are boring, but also so you don't get attached to those who get the ax.

What have you been watching?

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