Saturday, April 13, 2013

Along came a spider...

My morning started out as usual.  Snooze three time and then rush around like a maniac.  I am aware that if I just got out of bed 10 minutes earlier, it would be much less hurried in the morning for me (those of you with kids and dogs can roll your eyes at me now). I mean, it's just ME, for cripes sake!

What is it about those precious last few minutes in bed that are so amazing?   It's like you get the best sleep in the world between your alarm.

Anyway, I was eating my breakfast.  The usual.  Shredded wheat with water skim milk and strawberries.

Then, it was like slow motion.

I seriously think I saw something descending from the ceiling.  I actually felt a tap on my head, because my hand flew up swiftly to brush "it" off.  IT was a spider.  A nasty, tan, icky, creepy, crawly, horrible spider that used my hair as a trampoline to catapult itself into my cereal.

One word:  BARF.

I threw the bowl in the sink and flushed it into the disposal (thanks Dad!), and hit the button.  DIE YOU JERK!  You ruined my breakfast!!  Which, to me, is a crime punishable by death.

The other annoying part about that was, I felt ICKY and ITCHY for most of the morning.

I wasn't even sitting on a Tuffet.


Erika Jean said...


I read "BARF, then I threw up in my bowl." glad I re-read that...

Summer said...

I did the same thing as above.


I hate the feeling of having spider all over you for the entire rest of the day. TERRIBLE.