Thursday, March 21, 2013

To brighten your day

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos since I got my new iPhone5.  It it silly, but some of these videos make me laugh so hard (even when I am all alone - well probably even more so then).  They are such great,quick, snippets of footage.  Here are two that I saw the other day and LOVED! 

The first one is a remote camera with these adorable little seal pups.  The music is so great, the pups are to die for and I just find animal stuff funny.  Maybe it's because they look human sometimes but also because it's just good old fashioned fun.

The second one is so random - it highlights the hairstyles of hockey players.   The commentating is the best part.  So funny!


kristinzilke said...

Haaaaaaaa! Okay, yes....the videos were funny....the hockey hairstyles especially gave me a chuckle....but what made it funniest for me was wondering what you were searching you tube for that allowed you to stumble upon a "hockey hair" videos....haha, you! xoxo

Iris Took said...

Bahahah! KZ! Both of these were just on the "top watched" list. Searching for hockey hair...LOL! Love you too!

Wrestling Kitties said...

Ok, it is official. I must have a seal.

Hockey video is HILARIOUS!