Friday, March 22, 2013

How You Know You're OLD - St. Patty's Day version

Rewind 10 years ago.  The goal was to take off work, get as drunk as possible and wear something green.  Oh, yeah, and better yet, take the day after off work too.  I have so many fuzzy recollections memories of kegs n eggs, or the early bird special at BW3s, eating a random Jigg's dinner off of someone else's plate at OBs Bar, and Irish Car Bombs.  Ah, the good old days.

Present day:  I had exactly 3 Guinness beers (spaced out over two days, mind you) and wore jeans and a green blouse.  BORING!  However, I did have fun - just a different kind of fun.  The kind of fun where you remember everything and only spend $20.  Plus you have three new LinkedIn friends because of it. 

This is how you know you are getting old - everyone looks so.....well, slutty!  I also noticed that most 20something males have a spitting problem.  It's like a nervous twitch or a camel.  Every few seconds, spit, sip beer, spit, light cig, spit, mid-conversation, spit.  This is not the MLB.  Get a hold of yourself.

So, these are some cute outfits and fun ways to get in the spirit of St. Patrick:

Charles and Camilla

The Duchess - perfection

Natalie Portman - super cute

Here is more of what I saw (and let me remind you, it was 28 degrees that day):

Come on, now!  Is that necessary?

Oh, sure.  This is ok to wear out of your house.  

And this, my friends, is how you know you are getting old.  No longer do you have a hazy memory of the greatest day of the year, but rather you observe "what not to wear."  Can't wait for Cinco de Mayo - a grilled fish dinner and a glass of red wine (because it's heart healthy and margaritas have too many calories).



Wrestling Kitties said...

I hear you on this!!!

We were just talking about this at work last week when it was the "what did you do this weekend" conversation and most of us, all about my age give or take a couple years, all said just relaxed and went to bed early. We started talking about how back in our "younger days" we wouldn't even GO to the bars till 10:30/11pm and would stay up till who knows when. Now, if I am not in bed by 11pm I am in my PJs chill'n on the couch :)

Oh how the times have changed for sure!!

And I think the girls here in BG wear those bottom outfits all the time. Even when I was partying and thin I never wore that shit!!

Ok, ONE time I wore a skimpy butterfly top out but after my boob fell out I learned my lesson.

Iris Took said...

HAHAH! FELL OUT?!?! I love it.

Anonymous said...

i love the male spitting observation!


Anonymous said...

I love this post!!! So true.


The Diva said...

HAHA! This made me snort!

The Diva said...

St. Patty's has always been one of my favorite holidays...mostly since I'm Irish but no one can tell because the Mexican is the dominant gene. Anyway, I went to the big tent party and I was pissed off about the people that kept bumping into me and not having fun.

At least for Cinco de Mayo, I'll be playing and won't have to worry about people bumping into me!