Wednesday, February 6, 2013

People are Crazy

Please note - I absolutely look crazy right now.  After the LASIK, my eyes are blood red in spots (I will share a pic with you later if you like) and all my eyelashes are glued together from the constant eye drop-dropping.   So, I am self conscious not so much because I cannot wear a stitch of makeup (although that's not helping), but mostly because my eyes look glassy and much like I have been doing speedballs in the dumpster behind Wal-Mart.


I went to Walgreens to get some supplies and the lady checking me out was just that lady.  She was a heavy sigher and was very put out by her own job.

Me:  Hi, how are you?
Her:  Well, I'm here.  (I was expecting - I'm vertical, or Fair to Midland).

I need to get home to my husband, he's really sick.  I mean really sick.  *apply hand sanitizer*
Oh, I'm sorry.  And here's the thing - I am sorry, but this is not my issue.  What am I supposed to say - here's my doctor's number?  I don't like how people discuss how sick they are in public.  Grosses me out.  She continues.
Well, at least he's sick and not dead.  He was supposed to die a year ago because of the spina bifida.  But now he's alive.  Jus got a big ol hole in his back.

What prompts you to tell a perfect stranger something like this in passing?  Maybe she thought I needed a reason to get off drugs and tried to tell me an inspiring story.


Mark said...

LOL...What can you really say about people like that? Sometimes it would be great to just blurt out what is going through your head at that time to see exactly what the reaction would be. Opps I sometimes do that on the basketball

Iris Took said...

Yes Mark - some people have NO FILTER!

The Diva said...

Double U the f*ck? It makes you wonder if she told that same story to every person that came through her line today. Perhaps, she only told you because you asked how she was. Note to self: Never ask Walgreen's cashier how she is doing.

Iris Took said...

Dammmmmnnn Gina! Great minds think alike. I almost wrote that - "I wonder if she told the next person in line about her sick husband?" I bet she did.

Right - I am too friendly. Start being unfriendlier. Check.

Mickey D. said...

This made me laugh real hard. I loved every word.

*apply hand sanitizer* YES! That's exactly what would go through my head, too.

People like this make me uncomfortable. I think because I struggle between being polite and wanting to tell them that they're scaring me.

Iris Took said...

Yes, MICKEY D - how do you find that line between politeness and standing up for yourself?