Thursday, February 14, 2013

Movie Review

Recent Movie Screenings:

I love a good futuristic thriller with well known action stars.  This movie had some good twists and elements that kept you guessing and even if you was still good.  I heard that Joesph-Gordon Levitt had a prosthetic chin to look more like Bruce Willis.  That's just what I heard.  

7 Psychopaths
Terrible.  I hated this movie SO MUCH.  It was gory and graphic and obscene and so {nonessential to the film} over the top.  I was sure that it was Tarantino, but at least Tarantino films are usually good.  Best parts of this movie were about Woody Harrleson because he amuses me and no one can argue that Christopher Walken has the coolest voice in America.   This movie was gross and disturbing.  Hated it (Men on Film).  Should have watched Taken 2.

Identity Thief
This movie received terrible reviews, but hey, it's a comedy and unless it was written by Adam Sandler, most comedies do not get good reviews.  I went against my rule of seeing a comedy in a theater because I saw it with my dear friend who has the best sense of humor and we laughed, HARD, the whole time, and maybe mostly at each other.   I was, also, the third wheel of her date with her husband and that added some funniness too, SORRY JON!    Anyway, it's a silly movie and let's not try to discuss the "plot."   Just enjoy it for what it is, OK?  Jason Bateman is calm and handsome and Melissa McCarthy is like the funniest bull in a china shop you have ever met.  You will be singing that Milkshake song all night.  Amazing cameo by one of your favorites from Modern Family.  Loved that!

Knight and Day
I know this is an older movie, but it was on TV and I watched the whole thing....and I liked it.  I will not apologize for my love of Tom Cruise and he is quite dashing in this film.  Love Cameron Diaz.  It's dangerously close to a rom-com so forgive me, I must have had a weak moment.  

The Hobbit
There is a reason that I have not reviewed this movie and that is because I simply believe that I cannot accurately review it.  There.  Whew.  I am obsessed with all things Hobbit (as you know) and you also know that I would love this movie even if it was bad.  But it was not bad.  In my estimation, it was incredible and beautifully done.  Yes, they added filler (but it kicked ass) and yes, it deviated from the book (but go and read the book if you want it to be just like the book).  Movies can NEVER EVER EVER follow the book exactly.  They have to be a little different.  I loved the dwarves, my old friend Gandalf, Bilbo was excellent, and the gorgeous sweeping landscape made me want to vacation in New Zealand (again).   It was filmed with some other kind of film (I don't know what it's called) and it almost looked like a video game sometimes.  I would not want to have seen the 3-D version.  That's too much.  The Hobbit was a little darker than LOTR, a little scarier, and I liked that too.  Looking forward to TDOS in December. 


Anonymous said...

Oh Identity ThIef....yes, I think especially funny because we were laughing at each other....laughing : ) Poor Jon....haha....although he should be used to it by now, no? He's a trooper, God love him!

KZ : )

Wrestling Kitties said...

I liked Looper. I too, kept thinking I guessed things and it kept surprising me. I have a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I think it is from the days of Third Rock from the Sun :)

I really want to see Identity Thief. Love both of them individually and think they will be hilarious together!

I have to say, I like Tom Cruise IN action movies. He is good at them and believable.

Hobbit....I agree, totally. I thought the Hobbit was beautiful. Simply beautiful. And a great movie. I think Andy Serkis is AMAZING. Martin Freeman is wonderful (do you watch Sherlock with him and Benedict?! Oh my goodness, it is an awesome show and I have a huge crush on Benedict, even more so after this year as he is the Necromancer and is Khan!!! *swoon*)

Iris Took said...

HAHAH! KZ, that was the funniest night.

Iris Took said...

YES! WK - why don't we get together every Tuesday to see movies? We have the exact same taste.

Wrestling Kitties said...

I think we definitely should have movie dates together!! Fo reals