Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tomorrow is the big day

Ok guys -----

I decided to do it.

Yes, I am getting Lasik.  Tomorrow.

Please think of me as I am getting my eye sliced open by a laser and then having my cornea reshaped.  NBD. 

Here are my instructions:
No makeup - ok
No lotion - not ok, in the winter?  Come on.
No perfume - ok
No deodorant - uhhhh, not ok
No hair gels or hairspray - well, that's just not gonig to work.  I have enormous hair.

Fine, fine.....what next?

They are going to give me a Valium (ok, good) to relax.  This is good for the staff at Reed Vision because otherwise I would be asking a million questions.  "What's that do, what's that called, what's your name?  hahahah!  Sorry!  Have you seen the Hobbit?"  I speed talk if I'm nervous.

Next, I go home and sleep.  They are going to give me an ambien.  I am not sure if you know this but I have been officially diagnosed with "excessive daytime sleepiness" by a real doctor.  This explains why sometimes I fall asleep during movies, meetings, at my desk, at concerts, and my best one - at a UT football game - outside.  I am not sure that an ambien is necessary and I am nervous it will make me do weird things - like eat all the chocolate and cheese in our house.  Note to self - get rid of all chocolate and cheese in house.

So, again, please send me your good thoughts and next time I see you, it will be with new eyes.

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Ky • said...

#1. I love you. As always, even in the midst of a surgical procedure, you make me smile.

#2. I cannot WAIT to hear about how amazingly you can see.

#3. I don't think you'll need the ambien.