Friday, January 4, 2013

The Project List

I didn't make a resolution right away.  It took me a few days to really realize what I wanted to do in 2013.   I usually have the same goals - lose weight, work out, get organized, ahhhhhh!  Actually, revisiting my 2012 list, I think I did pretty well.  I am 8 lbs away from my goal, I read a ton of books this year, still looking into more school (!), house organization is an ongoing process, right?, we painted the bathroom and totally renovated the kitchen (thanks Mustache!),  and I think I was good to my family.  Let's hope I was :)

On to the future goals of 2013 - it occurred to me that since all of my goals are always the same (see above), maybe I should organize my goals in a list and write them DOWN ON PHYSICAL PAPER so I can get to them one at a time.  Yeah, break them up into smaller goals and then cross them off the list!  Genius! 

So, here's my list so far for 2013 (trust me, this is written on paper, posted on my fridge with official sharpie style capital letters), but I am not calling it my "resolution," rather my 2013 project list.  Plus, this is an evolving list that will change and amend as I think of more projects and accomplish them.  So when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can write down my project and go back to bed rather than start cleaning the bathroom and then end up in the basement organizing my shelves.  DUMB!

2013 Project List:
Clean out linen closet 
(yeah, that's because I'm already done with that one!  BOOM!)
Re-arrange guest room (which is basically my closet)
Clean out the little room (which is basically my closet)
Paint upstairs bathroom
Finish our bedroom
Furnish nook/office area
Create sewing space
Repaint dresser I found in the basement

Not a bad start, right?  I am looking forward to my projects and I think that having them written down and knowing that I cannot get them done in a week will help me accomplish more without getting frustrated.

What's up with you?

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