Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taco Bell removes ad

Read this article.

Who are these people that are complaining about Taco Bell making fun of those guests that bring vegetables to a party?  Apparently, they are very persistent and persuasive people because Taco Bell actually retracted this commercial. 

Am I taking crazy pills?

As a food lover and equal opportunity eater, I would eat Taco Bell and veggies at a party.  Do people really find this OFFENSIVE? 


Now all I want is my standard Taco Bell order:
Bean Burrito
Hard Taco
Soft Taco
Nachos (extra cheese if I am just being honest)
....and give me a giant handful of that fire sauce!

I guess I will settle for the damn veggie tray.


Summer said...

Oh my word.

B. said...


Don't have a set order at the TB but I do always get a steak soft taco, then I usually get a featured item and something else.

Wendy said...

This perplexes me to no end. Taco Bell is actually THAT worried about its image? Crazy! So how about that ranch dressing commercial that is just all about ranch dressing and little kids eating ranch dressing and the ice cream truck not bringing ice cream but ranch dressing drenched veggies? I don't particularly like ranch dressing THAT much, but I'm not offended by it! People are so WEIRD.