Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Here are a few movies I have seen in the past few weeks:

The Amazing Spider-Man starring Emma Stone and that guy from the Social Network.  It made me want to hang around a science lab so as to contract super powers like all the Marvel films do.  But, basically, I have decided that Spider-Man is a jerk and I don't like his attitude plus teenage love/affection/lust is horrible to watch.  However, Emma Stone is someone that I would want to befriend.  Dennis Leary is the best thing about this movie.   Please stop making these movies though and maybe let's focus on Thor 2.  Please and thank you.

Pitch Perfect was surprisingly very enjoyable.  Predictable and silly?  Sure.  But two actors I would like to see more from are Adam DeVine (you know him from Workaholics) and Rebel Wilson - FLAT.OUT.FUNNY.  I forgot that she was the girl Juggalo from that one episode of Workaholics.  This is a good one to watch by yourself or with girlfriends - not your husband who would talk about how stupid it is and comment the entire time about how you could be watching football, but that's the thing, it's supposed to be stupid.  It's about several a Capella groups in college.  Stupid!  But funny.  BONUS:  John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks are the commentators at regionals.  YES!  GLORIOUS!  If you like Glee, you will like this. 

TED was just what I thought it would be - gross, funny, and cute at times.  DO watch this with your husband or man friend, because HE will think it is excessively funny and you will laugh at him laughing.   Giovianni Ribisi - nice moves.  Ick!

I still have my Hobbit review - DO NOT WORRY!

What have you seen lately?

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