Friday, January 18, 2013

Glasses. A Means to an End.

My diagnosis from the eye doctor this year was clear.  "You have excessive and chronic lack of oxygen to the eye.  Your vision has not changed.  Other than than, everything is perfect."   What I heard, "OMG MY EYES NEED OXYGEN!!!!  HELP ME!!"  Roll dry eyes.

I have been wearing glasses/contacts since the 8th grade and since corrective lenses/contacts are A) not cheap and B) not covered by insurance...dumb!, I thought it might be time to really consider Lasik surgery.  The procedure has come a long way and at my last visit to the doctor, the DOCTOR himself had underwent the surgery at the same location.  That made me feel better.  I have a consultation next Friday.  However, I have had to wear my glasses for a few weeks and that means, I needed to also find a solution about sunglasses.

Thank you to Costco, for giving me a $12.95 solution to the problem...yes, Clip-Ons.  Now, people, these are nice.  They are polarized.    *I was not driving while taking these photos - just in the car*

Regular old me

Smarter me
Clip Ons! - Why is the tint so nerdy?
Dwayne Wayne?  It's a Diff'rnt Wooooorld.....

Look at this spring hinge.  Again, it's so smart, but so geeky.  Ignore eyebrow furrow.

Oh yeah


Mickey D. said...

You are too cute. You are rocking the Dwayne Wayne!

Wrestling Kitties said...


This post and the pictures made my day! Seriously, fantastic. You are hilarious.

I am curious about the surgery and what you plan to do. I have always been interested, but it scares me.

Iris Took said...

I am nervous too. I will let you know how the consult goes.