Thursday, August 30, 2012

People are Crazy

Usually these posts involve a conservation or overhearing a conversation, but this one was more of an observation of a behavior.  Either way, it was too good not to share.

Sitting in Bigbys with a networking group this morning, 7:30am, discussing the future of our organization and how we can get our committees further involved.  I am on the board, our director and board president were in attendance.  We were sipping coffee.   Very serious stuff. 

During our session, I was hearing this tick, or chip, or clip rather.  High pitched and steadied rhythm....chip, chip, chip....pause.  Then chip, chip, chip.   I look around and it's mostly just us, members of a young organization trying to improve our members experience and how we, as an organization, and as professionals, can grow and where we want to take....chip, chip, chip....

I look over at my friend Desmond and ask him, are you hearing what I am hearing?  He nods.  But he nods with his eyes closed.  The eye closed nod means, "OH HELL NO!" in non-verbal.

Just a reminder not to take yourself too seriously today.  One table over from you is someone clipping their nails into their coffee.  Might have been their toenails.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hot off the grill....zucchini, red pepper, onion, and fiesta lime chicken.

The Dark Knight Rises

In the end - incredible.

The Dark Knight Rises.

The hubby and I had a great date night last night - 6:30pm showing of the last Batman installment, no diner, no dessert (because I am on a stupid necessary healthy diet program).  Sigh.  BUT!  Despite not having any popcorn (that was almost the saddest part of my night), we had a great night together since we rarely get to.  On to the movie...

Have you seen it?

If not, stop reading.  If so, keep reading.

It was great, right?  I mean, so well done.  So.well.done.  The final chapter takes the previous two and finishes the series without being repetitive, but rather draws you further in emotionally.  The three hours flew by for me, there was no lull in the action right from the intense opening scene.  I did not fall asleep and it's rare that I don't in the theater.  This movie was exciting and fast paced. 

Christian Bale - seriously.  Really good.  Best Batman ever - I adore him on screen.  Amazing.  Tom Hardy is scary....frightened me to the bone, plus he is a mountain of a man.  Anne Hathaway exceeded my expectations - I like that she didn't go all Catwoman with this character - no hissing or meowing.  No cheesy clawing.  Good job.  Jealous of your body.  Wowzers.
Morgan Freeman - what can we say?  Marion  Cotillard was a nice surprise and then a horrible surprise.  Definitely didn't see that coming.  I love Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt hung in there with this big crew.  I think I will see more of his movies.

There is NOTHING like seeing a movie like this on the big screen.  The action and explosions and toys - where does he get such wonderful toys?   The batpod, the tumbler, the bat, the weapons, the fusion bomb, the applied sciences lab - oh yeah, and the fact that he can turn off all the lights!  So cool.  The plot was riveting and energetic;  you are always rooting for The Batman - at least I was.  I also love to see the shots of Gotham - such an iconic city and they film it so masterfully.  Not cartoonesque or comic-like, but real, and dark and mysterious.  How about the part when every cop in Gotham took on Bane's army? That was inspiring.  The terrorist war in the sewers was an interesting concept and the Hell on Earth prison was defeating.  Not for our hero though.  I would be a liar if I said I didn't cover my eyes once and fist pump other parts.  The saddest part was when Alfred cried.  I cried.  Way sadder than not having popcorn. 

What an excellent film.  Two enormous thumbs up.  It seems that there is room for a follow up but I am not sure how that would go.  I'm open to it.

I have to say though, we both sort of kept our eyes on the exits and doors.  That shooting in Colorado was beyond upsetting and it's hard to wrap your mind around how a person would be compelled to do such terrible things.  I would like to take a moment to recognize those that passed away during that terrible tragedy and pray for their families. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Davis Besse

Trying out the app on my phone. Davis Besse always intrigued me as a kid, like they were cooking something in a massive cauldron.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For Mom

I found this cool site called Pic Monkey from Organizing Made Fun's Blog.  I love this tool since you don't have to create a username and password.  Fun! 

This collage is for my amazing Mom - who is an awesome teacher and went back to school this week.  Good luck Mom!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hunger Games: the Movie

I rented it the day it came out.  Well, Sunday 8/19 but I was so excited to see it.

I had heard that the movie was filmed in that shaky-camera style and I found that distracting and irritating at first, but I got used to it.  You will get over it, too.

The Hunger Games.

My impressions about the movie (IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK OR HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE DON'T READ ANY MORE...I am discussing the end...)
1)  The Mockingjay pin - that is an essential part of the trilogy and it was totally different.  I guess for film shortening, they just skimmed over it, but I was disappointed not to see the Mayor's daughter in this movie and this part not more expounded.
2)  Woody Harrelson is an incredible Haymitch.  Well done.  Also, Ricky from American Beauty (the guy who filmed the plastic bag and got high with Lester Burnham) was marvelous.  Rue was adorable.  Effie annoyingly excellent.
3)    Would have loved to have seen more development with the Tributes characters and Gale.  I know, I know, they had to shorten it somewhere.
4)  The final scene at the cornucopia was not nearly as terrifying as it was in the book.  What about the tribute's eyes in the dogs?  I know, it can't all be the same....
5)  Ceasar Flickerman!  Loved this character.  Snow.  SCARY!  Too bad we didn't have a cameo by Kiefer - GET DOWN DAMN IT!  NOW!
6)  The reaping was a really intense part.  Even though I know how the ENTIRE thing ends, I still was in knots and teared up when Katniss volunteered.  Sigh.
7)  Chemistry between Katniss and Peeta?  Eh.  Average.  Gale did NOT appreciate the kissing on tv though - that much was clear.  Her on screen chemistry with him was decent.

Overall - enjoyable. I love seeing how the director brings a movie together from a book.  I don't get all bent out of shape because it's not exactly the same - it's the reader's advantage because you have all the background that they just cannot get to in a film.  Read it.  Plus, you get to pause the movie and explain to your husband who has a ton of questions about what is happening in Panem, thus making you feel very intelligent.   Now all we have to do is wait until November 2013 for Catching Fire.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Garish Groupon

Yesterday Groupon offered a paraffin dip and massage at Divine Sensation in Perrysburg.  Sounds good right?  I clicked on it and this was the picture:

Call me a prude, but all is that side boob really necessary?  Does the slogan "sex sells," really need to be applied to all the soccer moms and working singles of the suburban Toledo area?  Why does everything always have to be so SLUTTY? 

You can count me out. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

50...stay above 50....

Pop quiz hot shot....You're driving down the Trail, going past the Zoo, you see a speed camera, what do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?

If you are Jack Traven, you would speed it up.  If you are a Toledoan, you would SLAM ON YOUR BREAKS and decelerate to a measly 30.  DUMB!  People, it's 50.  So I can see 40, 45, even 55 is probably not going to get you a ticket.  I know there is an issue on the Trail with accidents and excessive speed - hence the cameras - and I am a fan of these cameras so drivers pay mroe attention to their speed.  However, there will be accidents when you jam on your breaks too. 

Pay attention, drive 50 and we can all get along.   Just make sure you don't have a Wildcat behind the wheel.

Blade article here
See video here: News, Weather

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Kylee

Say Ky....say Lee....

Say it together....Happy Birthday Kylee!

Happy Birthday to you my beautiful friend!

I hope you have the best day possible and that you feel as special as you make others feel.  You, Kylee, are one of a kind, a star among us, and someone that brings joy to those around her and also via your incredible blog (read here) we can see the world through your eyes, which is a gift.  And what a wonderful view.  For those of us privileged enough to be your friend, thank you, and we love you.

From Toledo, OH (which is too far) Happy Birthday to an amazing person - Kylee.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dumpster Diving

Ever a multi-tasker, this morning I grabbed my usual crap junk stuff necessary daily items before I headed to my car.   Lunch bag, purse, gym bag, briefcase.  I also had to take out the trash too so instead of taking that out first, I had it with me because I had hand sanitizer in the car (that's ok, right?).

Well, as I heaved the hefty-sinch sack into the bin, it somehow grew tentacles and grabbed my hand and took down my keys with it to the depths of the smelly trash bin toter pit.  Now...the trash can was empty before this bag, so if you only have one bag and one set of keys in this enormous receptacle with tentacles, that's a long way down for a 5' tall person who has been freshly showered.  Damn it.

Here is the kind we have:

So I reached in hoping I could grab my keys.  Obviously no.  I tipped the bin over hoping they would slide out, but who am I kidding?  I am no physics whiz, but I understand the basic concepts - keys cannot just levitate to me (although now would be an awesome time for them to start).  Now, they are just lying at the bottom, the nasty, retched bottom.  I had to then practically get IN the trash bin like Princess Leia in the trash compactor of Episode IV, but there was no Wookie and no handsome junk dealer to make quips and save me with the Millennium Falcon.

Just my elderly neighbor watching from her porch, with her perfect lawn, cracking up at me.

Friday, August 3, 2012

People are Crazy

Back by popular demand!  I have been forgetting to write these down and since they happen so much, I really do need to make a more conscious effort to tell you about them.

Mud Hens stadium, the powder room.
In the stall next to me was a lady with poorly manicured feet (no judgement, just observation).  Her cell phone rings...Rhianna or some other catchy tune.

"Hey.  Yeah.  No.  I'm in the bathroom, be right out.  No.  NO.  NO. Imonthegoddamntoilet!!!" 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

A little fudge...for Two Pretzels

Ky, this is for you.

Chocolate Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge from Cookin' Canuk's blog. 

I made this for a potluck the other day and received good reviews.  It was SUPER easy and fast.
Modification - I used the microwave and just made sure to stir every 13 seconds.  Only took about 3 minutes to meld together.  Pretty sure this is not optimal, but I was in a hurry.

This fudge was intended for the holidays (as you can tell by the ornaments!), but your taste buds don't really care that it's not Christmas.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hunger Games

I just finished the Hunger Games series and here is what I thought - *Warning!  If you have not read the books and do not want to know what happens DO NOT READ THIS POST.  Spoiler alert - lol.

Ok, so basically I am a very juvenile reader.  Sue me. I like the kind of books that have large print and that catch my interest - books that I can read quickly and don't have to stop to look up words.  I LOVED Harry Potter (although some of Harry got pretty involved), Narnia Chronicles, Hobbit stuff, and anything having to do with Star Wars.  The stuff I don't like are the really girly, silly books about overspending and summer romances on holiday.  Barf.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a good love story but there needs to be some other plot too...see that book about Potato Peels and Gurnsey.    That was a good one.

The Hunger Games were an amazingly fast read for me and they kept my attention.  This book really evoked a lot of emotion while reading it.  It makes you very invested in your players and really hate some others, wonder about what's on the horizon.  Great book.  Great series.   The ending was depressing though.  I guess I was not expecting a sugar-y happy conclusion, but that tree song kept playing in my mind.  I must have read it a dozen times.  Depressing.

I was rooting for Katniss and she only annoyed me in the third book (which by then I was so wrapped up in it I could not quit my journey), plus I had to know what happened with Gale and Peeta.  I do think Peeta was a good choice in the end since Katniss needed someone to calm her down and Gale was equally as fiery as Katniss.  Plus Peeta did understand what Katniss went through.  Sigh.  Excited to see it on film but I looked it up on IMDB and saw that Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna and am really worried that he is a terrible actor.  Yes or no?  Of all the people - Lenny Kravitz? Tim Gunn was not available?  David Bromstead?  I am excited about Woody Harrleson playing Haymitch, which I think he will nail. 

I am nervous about the movie though.  I always enjoy the movie but I heard it has shaky camera stuff.  Have you seen it - what did you think?

The concept of this book was horrifying, yes, but sometimes it's fascinating to imagine another world like Panem.  A future world where you really have to survive.  What would you do?  What is your skill?

If you have not read these books, I would highly recommend.  I will ask my friends that let me borrow them if you can borrow them.  Thanks Ladies!