Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gorgeous flowers from some special people! Nice to feel appreciated :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Product Review: Self Tanning Products

Let's get into the thick of it - since I have not blogged since 1998, I will start back with a heavy topic - self tanning.  I used to really love to get tan - use SPF 4 and oil like that ok.  But now, I use a responsible waterproof 30 and mix in a 70 here and there.  Ugh.  I know it's better for you, but there is just something so great about being tan...real tan.  However, research shows sund damage causes cancer....

I just bought the Loreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush in a can the other day based on a friend's recommendation.  Well?  I love it.  I sprays on nice and even, seriously dries in seconds and does not have that self tanner, gross maple syrupy smell that will come out of your pores even days later.  Gives you a nice color and no streaking.  Plus, spraying it is really fun.  Ssssshhhhhhhhtttttttt!

I also like the Sublime Bronze lotion, but I feel like it is glittery and I have to shower, then regular lotion, then the bronzey lotion, then stand in front of a fan, THEN go to bed, then shower again...who has time for that?! 

Next - Tan Towel.  Their tag line is "Look good naked."  While I don't find this to be a great slogan since I use the tan towel everywhere you can see while clothed (so then my stomach, back, bum, etc.. are all super white...Hey, I like to see the contrast), I seriously love the Tan Towel!  They are like moist towelettes (thank God this is a blog and not conversation so I don't have to say that word aloud), that have the tanning magic in them.  They do have a bit of the sour Aunt Jemima smell, but they go on easy-peasy and very evenly. Better wash your hands right way though or else you will have oompa loompa plams!   Confession:  I totally bought a giant box of these on QVC and I am ok with it.

So - the thing is I have great color now, but I can't really be in the water too long or else it rubs off.  Oh well, I will be happy when my face still looks ok when I am older (, next year).

What do you do about sun/tanning?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Product Review: Dior Show Mascara and Primer

Sephora:  I got sucked in like a vortex.  I had been wanting new mascara since my Clinique was not holding up it's end of the bargain any longer.  At the end of the day, I just looked incredibly tired.  All my eye makeup was gone.  My bare minerals is doing a good job and I am loving it, but mascara was not cutting the mustard.    SO!  After hearing great blogger friends reviews over the years, I hit Sephora seeking the Dior Show stuff that sounded so glamorous and expensive.

The tallest person in all of Westfield  immediately asked me if I needed help *resist urge to say that you are just browsing*   So, I bite.  She piles on the information and rushes me over here and then over there, opens this wand and that tube and twirls it in the air and swoops it across the horizon.  She expounds about the technology of the silicone wand versus the bigfatbrush stick.    Blahbleblabelalalalal......  Confused.  About mascara.  Der!  Then.  She tells me I have a flawless face and that a perfectly mascara'ed eye would be just amazing on me.

I buy everything and act like she's my best friend of all time.  Why are we such suckers for flattery?

Anyway.  I settled on a Dior Primer (because you NEED it!  How have you been living without it?) and the Diorshow Blackout (I don't know why it's a show).    What's up with it?  Fabulous.  I am in love with it and am happy that when I go home, I still look like I have eyelashes.

Go see my tall friend at Sephora.  Compliments galore and splendid advice for makeup.  Oh, and take your piggy bank.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Five Spice Lettuce Wraps

Try this

These are so delicious!  I varied a bit (of course):
Added less sesame oil and more olive oil
Added green onion
Added soy sauce
Used powdered ginger as I had no fresh
Omitted basil as I had none
Used extra hoisin and broth as I like it saucy!  (Sprechen Sie Sassy?!?!)
Used ground chicken
Also added cayenne and chili flakes
Finished with turmeric

Incredible!!  Loved it!!!  Would be amazing with peanut sauce. 

Monday, June 4, 2012


I did it!  Finally on Instagram with my little ol' Droid as Iris Took of course.  It's pretty fun, but I have not figured out how to post to blogger with it.  Anyone know how?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Car shopping, who could possibly fit in this?

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Happy Birthday to my sweetie! Love you!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rock of Ages

The Musical featuring.....Tom Cruise? How do we feel about this? LOVE the music, but Maverick? Julianne Hough? Even the almighty Alec Baldwin? I need him in a power suit and tie, not a mullet. Now Russell Brand we would expect to see in this movie and I bet he's a riot.
Sorry I can't post properly....iPad!