Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Local Italian

Last week, my mom and sister and I went out to dinner and I suggested LaScola as they are a local restaurant and of course we always opt to support local business.

If you have never been to La Scola Italian Grill on Airport, it is a gorgeous restaurant, warmly lit, cozy seating, and rich colors invite you in.  The foyer displays TONS of old and newer family photos, that I always tend to linger on as I come and go. The old wedding photos look much like my own Grandparents wedding photo.  I love this touch.

In case you didn't read about my mishap at Bravo, see here, and I ordered the exact same thing at LaScola - salad no dressing or cheese, salmon, grilled no oil, butter or salt, and steamed veggies.  Guess what?

Not only did it come out perfectly and deliciously, but they did not make me feel like a leper for asking.  Also, the owner himself came out and talked to us for quite some time to catch up.  I worked for him at Navy Bistro back in the day and he was a great manager then and is obviously a great owner/operator/chef now.

I had a similar great experience at Rosie's Italian Grille, another family owned and operated business.  Chef Eric personally came out to greet us and make sure he could accommodate me.  I am sure it didn't hurt that my husband used to work there, but all the same, they treated us with respect and we enjoyed a wonderful meal for our 1st anniversary in October.  Great job local business in Toledo!

Thank you, LaScola and Rosie's.  Now, that's how you treat your customers.


Wrestling Kitties said...


We are always looking for new places, we will have to check them out.

Iris Took said...

WK - both would be great for you to try!!!