Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Balance: Pan-Asian Grille

Balance was recommend to me by my cousin Smokey because we follow programs that are often similar.  Basically - I don't eat salt, sugar, or oils right now.  Hence, eating out is nearly impossible and fast food is out of the question.


I went on Balance's website and it LOOKED healthy, but that doesn't always mean it actually is and they didn't post nutrition facts so that made me nervous, but based on Smokey's review, I tried it...and man, was I glad I did!

Balance is a brand new facility (the one on Central - there's also on on Dussel) and you order at the counter then pick it up at the end.  You can see all the food prep behind glass as well.  Nice.  I was greeted at the ordering counter by the owner (since I looked at the website, I knew it was him).  He took a minute to explain the menu to me, and I settled on mixed veggies (peppers, water chestnuts, corn, kale, and carrots) with chicken and brown rice.  The sauce always comes on the side so you control the amount you consume.  I chose the sugar free spicy one.  Perfect.

My meal was up in what seemed like seconds.  It was piping hot and looked incredible.  The tray had my name written on it!  I loved that touch.  The bowl was a post-consumer recycled cardboard type receptacle that had a lid if you asked for one to go.  No styrofoam here!   Good for you Balance.  The chef had a really fun mustache and was incredibly nice and outgoing.   Gotta love that customer service.

What about the actual food?  Delicious!  The veggies are steamed and the protein is flash fried so it retains almost no oil per the owner.  The chicken I ordered was grilled so it didn't have oil anyway.  I am sure it was marinated and I know that sauce had a high sodium content but I truly only dipped my chopsticks in it about 4 times so what I consumed was negligible.    I drink a TON of water daily so it was fine.

This food was fast, healthy, organic and affordable!  My entire meal including a bottle of water was $7.  I will be going back to Balance on a regular basis.  Kudos Balance - your operation is impressive, your staff is well trained and welcoming and your food speaks for itself.

Now, I just need to get to phase two of my program so I can try some of those delicious egg rolls and pot stickers!  YUM!


Sarah said...

I LOVE Balance! Mmmm...

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