Friday, November 30, 2012

The things I dream of....

I would die if I could eat this*...just die.  Yes, my diet/program is going well.  Yes, I am fitting into smaller clothes.  Yes, I am happier.


Whoever invented the saying, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels," truly, from my perspective,  doesn't get it.  I have tried to stop reading food blogs, have broken up with Guy Fieri, and in general have tried to stop looking at all the food porn online and in magazines. 


Foodstuffs are all around us.  We are inundated with delicious images and smells constantly.  It's hard out there for a {pimp} healthy eater.


I can indulge in a minuscule manner from time to time and I know that I will not have to eat this strictly forever, but I feel like I am missing my best friend.  Is that bad?  Is this bad?  There is something just, FUN, about eating, and for me, cooking.  I love creating, making, baking, and presenting all those glorious calories.

Do you have a food obsession?  

*That recipe was just a random blog I saw and drooled over it for a full 15 minutes and thought about how I could make it with the foods from my approved list.  I am going to try it!  AHHHH! 


Sassytimes said...

I have a food obsession with brownies. Okay, wait, with most things sweet. And sweet coffee drinks. I could never give them up...I've tried. Once I tell myself I can no longer have them, I freak out and it's all I can think about. I drive myself insane. I've learned that as long as I allow myself these things in small amounts, I'm good. I don't obsess nearly as much because I know I can have it if I want. Not sure that makes sense...(I have sugar problems, health wise, so I *do* have to limit...but cutting out completely isn't a option. I'd become a mad woman. Ha.)

Iris Took said...

@sassytimes- what is it about Chocolate?!?!?

Amber said...

I have a food obsession in general. Chocolate, carbs and Dr Pepper in particular. I have given myself permission to slap anyone who says, 'Have you tried Diet Dr Pepper? It tastes just like regular'. Um, no. No it doesn't.

I know I need to watch what I eat. And eat less. And drink less (no) Dr Pepper. But bad food is so good. I know healthy food can taste good, but my tastebuds don't agree. It's hard. Hard, hard, hard. Especially this time of year. In the summer, I eat fresh fruits and veggies like it's my job, but right now all I want is carbs and fudge. Lots of fudge.

Iris Took said...

@Amber - Yes, seriously. This time of year is TORTURE! I love to make and bake and food is often GIFTS! It is so hard. I love fudge! Crap!!!!